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Client-side Programming Overview

The RadChat control is a server-side wrapper of the Kendo UI Chat widget. This allows you to interact with the chat entirely on the client-side.

Getting the RadChat Client-side Object

RadChat creates a client-side object, which can be referred via the ClientID of the control and the $find function. This allows you to use the API of the RadChat client-side object. The Get Client-side Reference to a Control Object article shows more ways for obtaining a client-side object reference of a control.

Once you obtain a reference to the RadChat client-side object, you can access the underlying Kendo UI Chat widget through the get_kendoWidget() method as shown in Example 1.

When you have a reference to the Kendo UI Chat widget, you can utilize the API of the Kendo UI widget.

Example 1: Get a reference to the underlying Kendo UI Chat widget.

var radchat = $find("<%= RadChat1.ClientID %>");
var kendochat = radchat.get_kendoWidget();

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