RadChat supports a number of client-side events that let you customize the behavior of the chat:

  • OnActionClick occurs when an action button is clicked inside an attachment template, or when a suggestedAction is clicked.

  • OnInitialize occurs when the RadChat starts initializing on the client-side, before the underlying Kendo UI Chat widget is initialized.

  • OnLoad occurs after the RadChat has been fully initialized on the client-side.

  • OnPost occurs when a message is posted to the RadChat control.

  • OnSendMessage occurs when a message is posted through the chat message box.

  • OnTypingEnd occurs when the user clears the chat message box, signaling that he stopped typing. The event is also triggered when the user submits the currenlty typed in message.

  • OnTypingStart occurs when the user starts typing in the chat message box. The event is fired only once, and not upon each keystroke.

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