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Client Templates


RadAutoCompleteBox provides support for client templates. The template itself contains mark up and binding expressions which are evaluated against a DataItem and then rendered as the Item's content on the client. The templates support the following type of expressions which are evaluated at run-time:

  • #=...# - Evaluates the JavaScript code expression or a string property from the data item and outputs the result in the template.

  • #...# - Evaluates the JavaScript code expression inside, but does not output value.

  • #:...# - Evaluates the JavaScript code expression or a string property from the data item, and outputs the HTML encoeded result in the template.


Client templates can not contain server controls.


When a WCF service is used, the Attributes collection is serialized as an array of Name-Value pairs, and inside the ClientTemplate the attributes are accessed by index: #=Attributes[0].Value#

Server side representation

On the server, the template will be represented as a string property of the control named ClientDropDownItemTemplate. The following application scenario shows an example of client templates.

<telerik:RadAutoCompleteBox RenderMode="Lightweight" runat="server" ID="RadAutoCompleteBox2" InputType="Token"
    Filter="StartsWith" Width="300px" DropDownWidth="300px" DropDownHeight="298px">
    <WebServiceSettings Path="AutoCompleteBox.aspx" Method="GetChildren" />
        <img alt="#= Value #" src="../../../Img/Northwind/Customers/#= Value #.jpg" style="height:80px;width:65px;"/>
        <span>#= Text #</span>
public static AutoCompleteBoxData GetChildren(object context)
    string searchString = ((Dictionary<string, object>)context)["Text"].ToString();
    DataTable data = GetChildNodes(searchString);
    List<AutoCompleteBoxItemData> result = new List<AutoCompleteBoxItemData>();

    foreach (DataRow row in data.Rows)
        AutoCompleteBoxItemData childNode = new AutoCompleteBoxItemData();
        childNode.Text = row["ContactName"].ToString();
        childNode.Value = row["CustomerID"].ToString();

    AutoCompleteBoxData res = new AutoCompleteBoxData();
    res.Items = result.ToArray();

    return res;

private static DataTable GetChildNodes(string searchString)
    SqlCommand selectCommand = new SqlCommand(@"SELECT * FROM [CustomerPhotos] WHERE ContactName LIKE @ContactName + '%'");
    selectCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("ContactName", searchString);
    return GetData(selectCommand);

private static DataTable GetData(SqlCommand selectCommand)
    selectCommand.Connection = new SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["TelerikConnectionString"].ConnectionString);
    SqlDataAdapter adapter = new SqlDataAdapter(selectCommand);

    DataTable data = new DataTable();

    return data;
Public Shared Function GetChildren(context As Object) As AutoCompleteBoxData
    Dim searchString As String = DirectCast(context, Dictionary(Of String, Object))("Text").ToString()
    Dim data As DataTable = GetChildNodes(searchString)
    Dim result As New List(Of AutoCompleteBoxItemData)()

    For Each row As DataRow In data.Rows
        Dim childNode As New AutoCompleteBoxItemData()
        childNode.Text = row("ContactName").ToString()
        childNode.Value = row("CustomerID").ToString()

    Dim res As New AutoCompleteBoxData()
    res.Items = result.ToArray()

    Return res
End Function

Private Shared Function GetChildNodes(searchString As String) As DataTable
    Dim selectCommand As New SqlCommand("SELECT * FROM [CustomerPhotos] WHERE ContactName LIKE @ContactName + '%'")
    selectCommand.Parameters.AddWithValue("ContactName", searchString)
    Return GetData(selectCommand)
End Function

Private Shared Function GetData(selectCommand As SqlCommand) As DataTable
    selectCommand.Connection = New SqlConnection(ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings("TelerikConnectionString").ConnectionString)
    Dim adapter As New SqlDataAdapter(selectCommand)

    Dim data As New DataTable()

    Return data
End Function
RadAutoCompleteBox before a selection is made. RadAutoCompleteBox after a selection is made.
client templates before selection client templates after selection

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