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Client-Side Programming Overview

RadAutoCompleteBox provides a flexible client-side API. You can easily interact with RadAutoCompleteBox in the browser using its client-side object. In addition to a variety of client-side events, the client-side object model lets you achieve complicated tasks.

Getting the RadAutoCompleteBox Client-side Object

RadAutoCompleteBox creates a client-side object with its ClientID. You can obtain the reference using the following JavaScript code:

    var autoComplete = $find("<%= RadAutoCompleteBox1.ClientID %>");

Cancelling an Event

Several client-side events occur immediately before RadAutoCompleteBox performs some action. These events have names that end with "-ing". You can use these events to cancel the RadAutoCompleteBox's action by using the set_cancel method of the eventArgs passed to the handler:

    function onDropDownClosing(sender, eventArgs) {
        alert('The DropDown remains open.');

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