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AutoCompleteBoxEntryCollection Object

The AutoCompleteBoxEntryCollection object is returned by the get_items method of the RadAutoCompleteBox object. The following table lists the most important methods:

Name Parameters Return Type Description
get_count() none Number Returns the number of the entries present in the Entry collection.
add() Telerik.Web.UI.AutoCompleteBoxEntry none Adds the specified entry into the Entry collection. See Example 1.
insert() number,Telerik.Web.UI.AutoCompleteBoxEntry none Inserts an entry in the Entry collection with the specified index.
remove() Telerik.Web.UI.AutoCompleteBoxEntry none Removes the specified entry from the Entry collection.
clear() none none Clears all the entries from the Entry collection.
getEntry() number Telerik.Web.UI.AutoCompleteBoxEntry Returns the entry with the specified index.
indexOf() Telerik.Web.UI.AutoCompleteBoxEntry number Returns the index of the specified entry.

Example 1: Create new entry, add it to the RadAutoCompleteBox entries collection and set the color of the new entry token DOM element to 'red':

    function changeTokenElementColor() {
        var autoComplete = $find("<%= RadAutoCompleteBox1.ClientID %>");
        var newEntry = autoComplete.createEntry('Text', 'Value');
        var entries = autoComplete.get_entries();
        var tokenDomElement = newEntry.get_token(); = "red";

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