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AutoCompleteBoxEntry Client-Side Object Model

This article explains about the properties and methods of the AutoCompleteBoxEntry client-side object.

Name Parameters Return Type Description
get_index() none number Returns the index of the specified entry.
get_text() none string Returns the text of the specified entry.
get_value() none string Returns the value of the specified entry.
get_token() none DOM object Returns a reference to the HTML element representing the specified entry. If the input type of RadAutoCompleteBox is set to "Text", the property will return nothing. See Example 1.
get_parent() none Telerik.Web.UI.RadAutoCompleteBox Returns the parent object of the specified entry.

Example 1: Create new entry, add it to the RadAutoCompleteBox entries collection and set the color of the new entry token DOM element to 'red':

    function changeTokenElementColor() {
        var autoComplete = $find("<%= RadAutoCompleteBox1.ClientID %>");
        var newEntry = autoComplete.createEntry('Text', 'Value');
        var entries = autoComplete.get_entries();
        var tokenDomElement = newEntry.get_token(); = "red";

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