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Theme Swatches

Telerik UI for Blazor comes with four built-in (base) themes. Each of them provides a set of color swatches that you can choose from to match your application appearance and styling.

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The theme swatches are different color variations of the base themes. While they use the same variables as the built-in theme they accompany, they have different color values to deliver a variety of shades for the Telerik components.

You can explore the swatches in our live demos. The Change Theme dropdown provides a list of the most common swatches. To test how all the available swatches affect the appearance of the Telerik UI for Blazor components, you might check the ThemeBuilder. It also provides option for customizing the existing themes if needed.

In addition, Telerik UI for Blazor distributes some swatches via several other resources. Read more in the Swatch Distribution article.

Built-in themes and swatches list

Here is a complete list of the base themes, all available swatches and their CDN URLs in a dedicated Themes CDN.

Make sure that the theme version in the CDN URL is compatible with the UI for Blazor version. Our release notes provide theme compatibility information for each UI for Blazor version. You can also use a newer theme version, if it doesn't contain breaking changes and has a fix that you need.

We distribute the most commonly used swatches in a separate Telerik Blazor CDN. The CDN URLs contain the Telerik UI for Blazor version. Thus, you do not need to manually track the theme compatibility, just make sure to use the CDN URL including your UI for Blazor version.


Swatch CDN
Default Main
Default Main Dark
Default Ocean Blue
Default Blue
Default Green
Default Nordic
Default Orange
Default Purple
Default Turquoise
Default Urban


Swatch CDN
Bootstrap Main
Bootstrap Main Dark
Bootstrap 3
Bootstrap 3 Dark
Bootstrap 4
Bootstrap 4 Dark
Bootstrap Nordic
Bootstrap Turquoise
Bootstrap Turquoise Dark
Bootstrap Urban
Bootstrap Vintage


Swatch CDN
Material Main
Material Main Dark
Material Aqua Dark
Material Arctic
Material Burnt Teal
Material Eggplant
Material Lime
Material Lime Dark
Material Nova
Material Pacific
Material Pacific Dark
Material Sky
Material Sky Dark
Material Smoke


Swatch CDN
Fluent Main
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