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Blazor Deployment Overview

This article explains the basics about deploying a Telerik-enabled Blazor web application. It consists of the following sections:


First, make sure you can deploy a vanilla Blazor application without the Telerik components in order to have the entire pipeline working as a baseline.

You can read more about deploying Blazor applications in MSDN - make sure that you are familiar with this information, as the Telerik UI for Blazor suite does not add any specific requirements or steps:

Telerik Components

The Telerik UI for Blazor components consist of:

  • assemblies
  • static assets

Both of these resources are distributed in our NuGet packages.

The framework is responsible for copying them from the local NuGet cache to the build/publish target during the build.

The machine that performs the publish build must be able to properly restore the referenced Telerik NuGet packages. This can be our online feed or a local feed. See the CI, CD, Build Server article for more details on setting automation up.

Next Steps and Troubleshooting

The following articles provide information on the most common issues and questions related to deployment:

  • Deployment Troubleshooting describes the most common problems and solutions related to deploying Telerik-enabled applications.

  • CI, CD, Build Server provides guidance on setting up continuous integration, continuous delivery and automated builds. Mostly related to using the Telerik NuGet packages as this is the only specific thing that we require.

  • Telerik NuGet Feed shows how to set up our private NuGet feed for local use.

  • NuGet Feed Troubleshooting provides troubleshooting tips for the most common issues with our NuGet feed.

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