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Blazor TimePicker Accessibility

The Telerik UI for Blazor TimePicker component is WCAG 2.1 AA and Section 508 compliant. The component also follows the WAI-ARIA best practices for implementing the keyboard navigation for its component role, and is tested against the popular screen readers.


TimePicker wrapper

Selector Attribute Usage
.k-input-inner role=combobox The input element should follow the combobox specification.
label for or aria-label or aria-labelledby The input needs an accessible name to be assigned to it.
aria-expanded=true/false Announces whether the Popup is visible or not.
aria-haspopup=dialog Indicates the component has a Dialog Popup.
aria-controls=.k-animation-container id Points to the popup element. Signifies that the combobox element controls the dialog popup.
readonly or aria-readonly Attribute is rendered only when the DatePicker is readonly.
.k-invalid .k-input-inner,.ng-invalid .k-input-inner aria-invalid=true Attribute is rendered only when the picker is in form and announces the valid state of the component.
.k-disabled .k-input-inner disabled=disabled or aria-disabled=true Attribute is rendered only when the DatePicker is disabled.
.k-input-button role=button or nodeName=button The element must either be a <button> element or must have role=button assigned.
aria-label The button needs an accessible name to be assigned to it.
tabindex=-1 Button element must not be focusable.

List Elements on the Popup

Selector Attribute Usage
.k-time-list role=listbox The timelist elements must have listbox role assigned.
aria-label or aria-labelledby The listbox needs an accessible name to be assigned to it.
.k-reset role=none/presentation The k-rest <ul> element semantic meaning must be removed from the accessibility tree.
.k-item role=option The available options in the listbox must be marked as such.
aria-selected=true Selected option must have its aria-selected attribute set to true.


WAI-ARIA specification for combobox

WAI-ARIA specification for spinbutton

Section 508

The TimePicker is compliant with the Section 508 requirements


The component has been extensively tested automatically with static code analyzers and manually with the most popular screen readers.

Any Accessibility Issues could be reported in Telerik Support System.

Screen Readers

Environment Tool
Firefox NVDA
Chrome JAWS
Microsoft Edge JAWS

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