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Blazor TabStrip Accessibility

The Telerik UI for Blazor TabStrip component is WCAG 2.1 AA and Section 508 compliant. The component also follows the WAI-ARIA best practices for implementing the keyboard navigation for its component role, and is tested against the popular screen readers.


Selector Attribute Usage
.k-tabstrip-items role=tablist Indicates the tablist role for the ul element of the TabStrip.
.k-tabstrip.k-tabstrip-left .k-tabstrip-items,.k-tabstrip.k-tabstrip-right .k-tabstrip-items aria-orientation=vertical Indicates the orientation of the tablist container element. The attribute is rendered only when the orientation of the component is vertical as the tablist role comes with default horizontal orientation.
.k-tabstrip-item role=tab The tab li element.
aria-controls=.k-tabstrip-content id Announces the relation between the panel and tab.
.k-tabstrip-item.k-state-active aria-selected=true Announces the selected state of the tab.
.k-tabstrip-content role=tabpanel The content div of the tab.
aria-hidden=true Only if the component implements a feature to control whether the content should be persisted.
aria-labelledby=.k-tabstrip-item id Refers to the tab element that controls the panel.
.k-tabstrip .k-button aria-hidden=true Introduce aria-hidden attribute for the scrollable buttons. The buttons are not included in the tabsequence. Navigating through arrow keys would


WAI-ARIA specification for tablist

Section 508

The TabStrip is compliant with the Section 508 requirements


The component has been extensively tested automatically with static code analyzers and manually with the most popular screen readers.

Any Accessibility Issues could be reported in Telerik Support System.

Screen Readers

Environment Tool
Firefox NVDA
Chrome JAWS
Microsoft Edge JAWS

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