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Drawer Selection

The Drawer lets the user select an item. You can also pre-select a desired item. You can use this highlighted item to load/generate content, or to denote the current page.

To use the item selection, use set the SelectedItem parameter. It allows two-way binding (@bind-SelectedItem) and one-way binding + SelectedItemChanged event.

The SelectedItem is of the same type as the Drawer data model.

If you use the drawer for page navigation, the selected item will remain highlighted as long as the drawer does not get disposed - meaning, it must be outside of the @Body.

Use tho way data binding for the SelectedItem.

@* Use two-way data binding with the SelectedItem to display contents according to the user selection *@

<TelerikDrawer Data="@Data"
        <TelerikButton OnClick="@(() => DrawerRef.ToggleAsync())" Icon="@SvgIcon.Menu">Toggle drawer</TelerikButton>
        <div class="text-info">
            Content for the @selectedItem?.Text item

@code {
    public TelerikDrawer<DrawerItem> DrawerRef { get; set; }
    public DrawerItem selectedItem { get; set; }
    public List<DrawerItem> Data { get; set; } =
        new List<DrawerItem>
            new DrawerItem { Text = "Counter", Icon = SvgIcon.Plus },
            new DrawerItem { Text = "FetchData", Icon = SvgIcon.GridLayout },

    protected override void OnInitialized()
        // pre-select an item. Not required
        selectedItem = Data[Data.Count - 1];

    public class DrawerItem
        public string Text { get; set; }
        public ISvgIcon Icon { get; set; }

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