Drawer for Navigation

The Drawer is a different kind of a menu that is commonly used to navigate between pages in the app - it can generate the needed links for you through its UrlField when data binding.

To use the Drawer for navigating between pages:

  • Add the Drawer to the MainLayot.razor of your app.
  • Put the @Body tag in the <Content> tag of the drawer.
  • Provide a collection of models that describe the pages you want the user to navigate to.

You can find a runnable sample that showcases this in the Drawer as Side Navigation sample project.

Use the Drawer for Navigation in MainLayout.razor

@* This is a very basic layout to showcase the concept. You may want to add a header, footer, 
    collapse/expand button and add desired heights to the layout and drawer *@

@inherits LayoutComponentBase


    <TelerikDrawer Data="@NavigablePages" Expanded="true" MiniMode="true" Mode="@DrawerMode.Push">


    List<DrawerItem> NavigablePages { get; set; } =
        new List<DrawerItem>
            new DrawerItem { Text = "Home", Url = "/", Icon = "home" },
            new DrawerItem { IsSeparator = true },
            new DrawerItem { Text = "Counter", Url = "counter", Icon = IconName.PlusOutline },
            new DrawerItem { Text = "FetchData", Url = "fetchdata", Icon = IconName.Grid }

    public class DrawerItem
        public string Text { get; set; }
        public string Url { get; set; }
        public string Icon { get; set; }
        public bool IsSeparator { get; set; }

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