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Blazor ColorGradient Accessibility

Out of the box, the Telerik UI for Blazor ColorGradient provides extensive accessibility support and enables users with disabilities to acquire complete control over its features.

The ColorGradient is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 AA standards and Section 508 requirements, follows the Web Accessibility Initiative - Accessible Rich Internet Applications (WAI-ARIA) best practices for implementing the keyboard navigation for its component role, provides options for managing its focus and is tested against the most popular screen readers.


This section lists the selectors, attributes, and behavior patterns supported by the component and its composite elements, if any.

ColorGradient Wrapping Element

Selector Attribute Usage
.k-colorgradient role=textbox The focusable wrapper of the component should be considered a textbox. That signifies it has a value that could be submitted.
aria-label or aria-labelledby The component needs an accessible name to be assigned to it. Must also include the currently selected value in the component.
aria-invalid=true Attribute is rendered only when the selected value in the component is not valid against the current validation rules.
tabindex=0 The element must be focusable.
.k-colorgradient.k-disabled aria-disabled=true Attribute is rendered only when the ColorPalette is disabled.

Drag handles

All the k-draghandle elements implement the Slider specification.

Slider accessibility specification

Apart from that the HSV draghandle must also cover the following additional requirements:

Selector Attribute Usage
.k-hsv-draghandle aria-orientation=undefined The implicit orientation for the role="slider" must be removed.
aria-label Must provide information about the purpose of the slider (for example: "Color well with two-dimensional slider for selecting saturation and lightness") and the currently selected color (for example: "X: 142, Y: 93").
aria-valuetext Must specify the values on both X and Y axis.


The Numeric inputs must implement the NumericTextBox specification.

NumericTextBox accessibility specification

Here is one additional requirement for those numerics as their visible labels have only a single letter as a text:

Selector Attribute Usage
.k-numerictextbox>.k-input-inner aria-label Must provide information about the numeric input purpose - the name of the chanel it is aimed at (red chanel, green chanel, blue chanel, or alpha chanel).

Section 508

The ColorGradient is fully compliant with the Section 508 requirements.


The ColorGradient has been extensively tested automatically with axe-core and manually with the most popular screen readers.

To report any accessibility issues, contact the team through the Telerik Support System.

Screen Readers

The ColorGradient has been tested with the following screen readers and browsers combinations:

Environment Tool
Firefox NVDA
Chrome JAWS
Microsoft Edge JAWS

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