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Blazor Breadcrumb Accessibility

The Telerik UI for Blazor Breadcrumb component is WCAG 2.1 AA and Section 508 compliant. The component also follows the WAI-ARIA best practices for implementing the keyboard navigation for its component role, and is tested against the popular screen readers.


The Breadcrumb component renders the semantic nav html element that automatically associated navigation role.

Selector Attribute Usage
.k-breadcrumb aria-label=Breadcrumb Indicates the type of navigation provided by the nav element.
.k-breadcrumb-item .k-breadcrumb-link,.k-breadcrumb-item .k-breadcrumb-root-link role=link or nodeName=a The breadcrumb item should render either an <a> element, or should have role="link" assigned.
.k-breadcrumb-last-item .k-breadcrumb-link,.k-breadcrumb-last-item .k-breadcrumb-root-link aria-current=page The last breadcrumb item that points to the active page should have aria-current="page".
.k-breadcrumb-last-item .k-breadcrumb-link aria-disabled=true Indicates that the last breadcrumb item is disabled.
.k-breadcrumb-delimiter-icon aria-hidden=true The breadcrumb delimiter icon should not be accessed through assistive technology.


ARIA practices: BreadCrumb Example

Section 508

The Breadcrumb is compliant with the Section 508 requirements


The component has been extensively tested automatically with static code analyzers and manually with the most popular screen readers.

Any Accessibility Issues could be reported in Telerik Support System.

Screen Readers

Environment Tool
Firefox NVDA
Chrome JAWS
Microsoft Edge JAWS

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