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By default, selection in the TreeList is disabled.

To boost the performance of the TreeList when it is rendering a huge number of items and selection is enabled, use paging and a reasonable page size.

The Kendo UI Treelist exposes different modes of row selection:

Row Selection

To enable the selection functionality of the TreeList, set the Selectable option to true. As a result, the default single-row selection functionality will be applied.


As of the 2022 R3 release, the Change event will now be fired only when Selection/Deselection is performed.

Single Row Checkbox Selection

To enable checkbox selection, add a column to the columns collection of the TreeList and set the Selectable option to true:


In order to select or deselect all of the child items of the currently selected row, enable the includeChildren option:


The TreeList does not support the simultaneous usage of the built-in checkbox-column selection and the selection which is enabled through the Selectable option.

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