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Keyboard Navigation

By default, the keyboard navigation of the TreeList is disabled.

For a complete example, refer to the demo on using the keyboard navigation of the TreeList.

The TreeList supports its keyboard navigation functionality through the Navigatable() method. When enabled, you can initially select a row or cell and then move within the TreeList by using the Arrow keys. The navigation occurs at a cell level regardless of what the Selectable() mode is. To select the current row or cell, press Space.

The following example demonstrates how to enable the key navigation in the TreeList.

        /* Other configuration. */

The keyboard navigation of the TreeList works by listening to the keydown events on the wrapper element of the helper. Its behavior is based on the assumption that whatever the user does is in accordance with the currently focused TreeList cell and not with the focused element of the browser. If the data cells of the TreeList contain hyperlinks that have to be activated through the keyboard:

  1. Navigate to the respective TreeList cell by using the Arrow keys.
  2. Press Enter to focus the hyperlink inside the cell.
  3. Press Enter again.

To return the focus on the table cell, press Esc. In order for the hyperlinks to be inaccessible through tabbing, set the tabindex="-1" attribute to the custom hyperlinks.

You can also avoid the procedure and bypass the keyboard navigation of the TreeList, access the custom hyperlinks with tabbing, and activate them with Enter. To achieve this, prevent the keydown event bubbling of the custom hyperlinks. As a result, the Enter key-presses will be unnoticed by the TreeList.

Pager Navigation

The Pager wrapper can be focused via the Tab key. In case of multiple focusable button elements(such as Edit and Delete buttons), pressing Tab will bring the focus to them. In such cases it is recommended that the Developer chooses a custom key/key combination which focuses the Pager wrapper.

$(document.body).keydown(function (e) {
    // ALT KEY + S will focus the pager wrapper
    if (e.altKey && e.keyCode == 83) {
        $("#treelist .k-pager").focus();

The TreeList's pager inherits all of the keyboard navigation functionalities from the ASP.NET MVC Pager.

For a complete list of all supported key combinations, refer to the Pager's Keyboard Navigation article.

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