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Editor - Object

HasHandlerEditor - Boolean

EditorTemplateName - String

Filterable - TreeListColumnFilterableSettings

If set to true and if filtering is enabled, a filter menu will be displayed for this column. If set to false, the filter menu will not be displayed. By default, a filter menu is displayed for all columns when filtering is enabled through the filterable option. Can be set to a JavaScript object which represents the filter menu configuration.

HtmlAttributes - IDictionary

Command - List

Draggable - Nullable

Editable - ClientHandlerDescriptor

A Razor template delegate.

Encoded - Nullable

Expandable - Nullable

Field - String

FooterTemplate - String

FooterTemplateId - String

FooterTemplateHandler - String

Format - String

HeaderAttributes - IDictionary

HeaderTemplate - String

HeaderTemplateId - String

HeaderTemplateHandler - String

MinScreenWidth - Nullable

Selectable - Nullable

Sortable - TreeListColumnSortableSettings

A JavaScript function for comparing the values. If the first argument is less than the second one, returns -1.; If both arguments are the same, returns 0. or If the first argument is greater than the second one, returns +1..

Template - String

TemplateId - String

TemplateHandler - String

Title - String

Width - String

Hidden - Nullable

IncludeChildren - Nullable

Locked - Nullable

Lockable - Nullable

TreeList - TreeList

Gets the DataSource settings.



Serializes the current instance to a Dictionary.

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