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Kendo UI TreeList component


DataSource - DataSource

The number of available pages.

DataSourceId - String

Filterable - TreeListFilterableSettings

If set to true, the filter menu will allow the user to input a second criteria.

AltRowTemplate - String

AltRowTemplateId - String

AltRowTemplateHandler - String

AutoBind - Nullable

Columns - List

Resizable - Nullable

Reorderable - Nullable

ColumnMenu - TreeListColumnMenuSettings

If set to true, the column menu allows the user to select (show and hide) TreeList columns. By default, the column menu allows column selection.

Editable - TreeListEditableSettings

Gets or sets the default value of the field.

Excel - TreeListExcelSettings

If set to true the TreeList will export all pages of data. By default the TreeList exports only the current page.

Height - Nullable

Messages - TreeListMessagesSettings

Defines the text for the command buttons that are used across the widget.

Pageable - TreeListPageableSettings

Gets or sets the select options of the page sizes drop down.

Pdf - TreeListPdfSettings

Exports all TreeList pages, starting from the first one.

RowTemplate - String

RowTemplateId - String

RowTemplateHandler - String

Scrollable - Nullable

Search - TreeListSearchSettings

The fields by which the grid will search

Sortable - TreeListSortableSettings

If set to true, the user can get the TreeList in its unsorted state by clicking the sorted column header.

Toolbar - List

Selectable - TreeListSelectableSettings

Specifies whether multiple or single selection is allowed.

Events - IDictionary

Id - String

Initializer - IJavaScriptInitializer

IsInClientTemplate - Boolean

IsSelfInitialized - Boolean

HasDeferredInitialization - Boolean

HtmlAttributes - IDictionary

HtmlHelper - IHtmlHelper

ModelMetadataProvider - IModelMetadataProvider

Name - String

Explorer - ModelExplorer

Selector - String

IdPrefix - String

ViewContext - ViewContext

ValueProvider - IValueProvider

UrlGenerator - IUrlGenerator

HtmlEncoder - HtmlEncoder



Processes the TreeList settings.


Writes the TreeList initialization script.


writer - System.IO.TextWriter

The text writer instance.


Renders the component.





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