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Series - List

DataSource - DataSource

The number of available pages.

ViewContext - ViewContext

UrlGenerator - IUrlGenerator

CategoryAxis - StockChartNavigatorCategoryAxisSettings

The discrete navigator.categoryAxis.baseUnitStep values when either navigator.categoryAxis.baseUnit is set to "fit" ornavigator.categoryAxis.baseUnitStep is set to "auto".

AutoBind - Nullable

DateField - String

Pane - StockChartNavigatorPaneSettings

The background color of the pane. Accepts a valid CSS color string, including hex and rgb.

Select - StockChartNavigatorSelectSettings

The lower boundary of the selected range.

Hint - StockChartNavigatorHintSettings

The visibility of the hint.

Visible - Nullable

Position - Nullable

StockChart - StockChart

The field containing the point date. It is used as a default categoryField for all series.The data item field value must be either: Date instance; String parsable by new Date([field value]) or String in ASP.NET JSON format, i.e. "\/Date(1320825600000-0800)\/".



Serialize current instance to Dictionary

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