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Connectors - List

ConnectorDefaults - DiagramShapeDefaultsConnectorDefaultsSettings

Defines the width of the shape connectors.

Content - DiagramShapeDefaultsContentSettings

The alignment of the text inside the shape. You can do combinations between "top", "middle" and "bottom" for vertical align and "right", "center" and "left" for horizontal align. For example, "top right", "middle left", "bottom center", and so on.

Editable - DiagramShapeDefaultsEditableSettings

Specifies if new connections can be added using the shapes connectors.

Fill - DiagramShapeDefaultsFillSettings

Defines the fill color of the shape.

Height - Nullable

Hover - DiagramShapeDefaultsHoverSettings

Defines the hover fill options.

MinHeight - Nullable

MinWidth - Nullable

Path - String

Rotation - DiagramShapeDefaultsRotationSettings

Sets the rotational angle of the shape.

Selectable - Nullable

Source - String

Stroke - DiagramShapeDefaultsStrokeSettings

Defines the color of the shape stroke.

Type - String

Visual - ClientHandlerDescriptor

A Razor template delegate.

Width - Nullable

X - Nullable

Y - Nullable

Diagram - Diagram

The diagram data source configuration.



Serialize current instance to Dictionary

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