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Kendo UI Diagram component


DataSource - DataSource

The number of available pages.

ConnectionsDataSource - DataSource

The number of available pages.

DataSourceId - String

AutoBind - Nullable

ConnectionDefaults - DiagramConnectionDefaultsSettings

Defines the label displayed on the connection path.

Connections - List

Editable - DiagramEditableSettings

Specifies the connection editor template which shows up when editing the connection. A template can be used to change the default editors for the connection fields or to prevent some fields from being edited by not rendering an editor input for them.

Layout - DiagramLayoutSettings

Defines where the circle/arc ends. The positive direction is clockwise and the angle is in degrees. This setting is specific to the radial tree layout.

Pannable - DiagramPannableSettings

The pannable key.

Pdf - DiagramPdfSettings

The author of the PDF document that will be visible in the PDF file metadata.

Selectable - DiagramSelectableSettings

Specifies if the multiple selection should be enabled.

ShapeDefaults - DiagramShapeDefaultsSettings

Defines the connectors the shape owns. A connector is the point in the shape where a connection between this shape and another one can originate from or end. "top" - top connector.; "right" - right connector.; "bottom" - bottom connector.; "bottomRight" - bottom right connector.; "left" - left connector. or "auto" - auto connector.. You can define your own custom connectors or use the predefined types.

Shapes - List

Template - String

TemplateId - String

TemplateHandler - String

Theme - String

Zoom - Nullable

ZoomMax - Nullable

ZoomMin - Nullable

ZoomRate - Nullable

Events - IDictionary

Id - String

Initializer - IJavaScriptInitializer

IsInClientTemplate - Boolean

IsSelfInitialized - Boolean

HasDeferredInitialization - Boolean

HtmlAttributes - IDictionary

HtmlHelper - IHtmlHelper

ModelMetadataProvider - IModelMetadataProvider

Name - String

Explorer - ModelExplorer

Selector - String

IdPrefix - String

ViewContext - ViewContext

ValueProvider - IValueProvider

UrlGenerator - IUrlGenerator

HtmlEncoder - HtmlEncoder



Writes the initialization script.


writer - System.IO.TextWriter

The System.IO.TextWriter.



Renders the component.





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