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ShapeTemplateName - String

ShapeEditorHtml - String

HasHandlerEditor - Boolean

ConnectionTemplate - String

ConnectionTemplateId - String

ConnectionTemplateHandler - String

Drag - DiagramEditableDragSettings

Specifies the shapes drag snap options. By default, during dragging, the shapes move by a given number of pixels at once. You can disable this behavior to make shapes movement smooth or you can specify a different number for the drag snap size to simulate a snap-to-grid functionality.

Remove - Nullable

Resize - DiagramEditableResizeSettings

Specifies the settings of the resizing handles. See the editable.resize configuration for an example.

Rotate - DiagramEditableRotateSettings

Specifies the fill settings of the rotation thumb.

ShapeTemplate - String

ShapeTemplateId - String

ShapeTemplateHandler - String

Tools - List

Enabled - Nullable

Diagram - Diagram

The diagram data source configuration.



Serialize current instance to Dictionary

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