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Content - DiagramConnectionDefaultsContentSettings

The color of the connection content text.

Editable - DiagramConnectionDefaultsEditableSettings

Specifies if the connections can be dragged.

EndCap - DiagramConnectionDefaultsEndCapSettings

The connections end cap fill options or color.

FromConnector - String

Hover - DiagramConnectionDefaultsHoverSettings

Defines the default hover configuration of the connection lines.

Selectable - Nullable

Selection - DiagramConnectionDefaultsSelectionSettings

Defines default handles configuration for selected connections.

StartCap - DiagramConnectionDefaultsStartCapSettings

The connection start cap fill options or color.

Stroke - DiagramConnectionDefaultsStrokeSettings

Defines the stroke or line color of the connection.

ToConnector - String

Type - Nullable

Diagram - Diagram

The diagram data source configuration.



Serialize current instance to Dictionary

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