Test as Step

This feature allows you to run an existing test as a single step within another test. This can help to reuse common automated test steps in the project. We like to call this test modularization. This means breaking up your testing tasks into modules that do specific small functions on their own, but do not perform the complete end-to-end testing scenario.


Here is a sample project for Amazon.com:




Here is a sample Login test:


 Login Test


Once the test modules are in place, add them to high-level tests with the Test as Step function. Next I open the AddToCart test and add the Login test to the beginning of it.


Test Studio add test as step button

Standalone version

Visual Studio Add Test As Step

VS plugin


Choose the Login test and click Select.


Select Test as Step


The Login test is now inserted into the AddToCart test as a single step. The five steps of the Login test will execute before moving on to step 3 in this example.


Test as Step