Available for: Windows 8.1 | Windows Phone 8.1


RadNumericBox is a TextBox control that provides functionality for selecting numeric values within a predefined range. The control exposes a convenient API to customize its behavior to best fit customer’s business requirements.

Key Features

  • Minimum and Maximum value – RadNumericBox has properties to define the range of its value.
  • Increment – The control has properties to set the increment of the value on SpinButton click and PageUp/Down key press.
  • Value format – The control supports custom defined formats of its value.
  • Visibility of Increase/Decrease buttons – The control spin buttons can be visible or hidden.
  • Read-only mode – In this mode the control cannot be directly edited through the keyboard.
  • Watermark support – RadNumericBox provides built-in support for visualizing content when the textbox is empty and unfocused.
  • Styling – The control provides a template for its appearance which can be customized.
  • Culture Aware