Available for: Windows 8.1 | Windows Phone 8.1

Point Series


PointSeries represents its DataPoints as Ellipses.

Point Series Overview


PointSeries class inherits from the CategoricalSeriesBase class - See the inherited properties.

  • PointSize: Gets or sets the Size of the points. This property will be ignored if PointTemplate property is set.
  • LegendTitleBinding: Gets or sets the binding that will be used by any attached legend to display legend item title.
  • PaletteMode: Gets or sets the target type to that chart palette will be applied to. The available types are:
    • Series: Applies the palette per series.
    • DataPoint: Applies the palette per points.


Here's an example of how to create a RadCartesianChart withPointSeries.


    <telerikChart:PointSeries  PointSize="15,15">
        <telerikCharting:CategoricalDataPoint Category="first" Value="10"/>
        <telerikCharting:CategoricalDataPoint Category="second" Value="20"/>
        <telerikCharting:CategoricalDataPoint Category="third" Value="30"/>
        <telerikCharting:CategoricalDataPoint Category="fourth" Value="15"/>