Controller Hand Poses Prefab

To provide visual feedback for finger movements when hand tracking is disabled and a controller is used instead, you can update the XR Rig Tracking Space fingers. Telerik XR Interactions provides a sample prefab called Controller Hand Poses, which initializes its ControllerHandInterpolation component based on the pressed buttons.

Setting Up the Controller Hand Poses

Two instances of the Controller Hand Poses prefab are available in the Controller Hand Interpolation prefab—one for the left hand and one for the right hand. To set up the hand interpolation input, you can drag and drop the Controller Hand Interpolation prefab as a child of the XR Rig root. For sample usage scenarios, check the XR Interactions Rig prefab variant and see its Input node children.

Customizing the Poses

As a customization point for the ControllerHandInterpolation component, the prefab uses a Pose Provider field that you can initialize through a custom implementation of the HandPoseProvider class. The default implementation uses ControllerPosesCollection, which inherits the abstract HandPoseProvider class and, based on the pressed controller buttons, provides one of the following three poses—Idle, Thumb Up, and Pointing Index.

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