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Silverlight: Unable to Attach Recorder


You receive the message below when attaching the Test Studio recorder to an existing browser instance with a Silverlight application loaded.

Refresh Page


This is normal and expected behavior. The technical challenge is that Test Studio injects hooks into the Silverlight application as the browser is downloading the .XAP file. In this case the browser has already downloaded the .XAP file, so Test Studio cannot hook into the already running Silverlight application.

There are two solutions:

1.  Click OK on the message above. After the recorder attaches to the browser, click Refresh in the Internet Explorer browser window (pause the recorder first so a "Refresh" step is not recorded). This forces the Silverlight application to reload so Test Studio can inject its hooks and properly record actions and verifications.

2.  Attach the recorder to the browser window before the Silverlight application is loaded. Pause recording until you reach the desired page so no unwanted steps are inadvertently recorded.

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