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Chrome Extensions Disabled

From Chrome version 35 and above due to security reasons, extensions can be installed only if they are hosted on the Chrome Web Store. With this change, extensions that were previously installed (ex. Test Studio Extensions) may be automatically disabled, and cannot be re-enabled or re-installed until they are hosted on the Chrome Web Store.

For your convenience we are providing you the download links for the latest Chrome extensions below:

Test Studio 2017 R3 (v. 2017.3.1010) And Later

There is a single extension combining recording and execution: Progress Telerik Test Studio Extension.

Test Studio 2017 R2 SP1 (v. 2017.2.824) And Earlier

The extensions for Test Studio versions as of 2017 R2 SP1 (v. 2017.2.824) and earlier are divided into two separate extensions: Progress Test Studio Chrome Recorder and Progress Test Studio Chrome Execution.

Telerik Test Studio Chrome Explore - the exploratory extension is not mandatory.

Extensions In Chrome Web Store

The extensions comaptible both with Test Studio 2017 R2 SP 1 (v. 2017.2.824) and earlier and 2017 R3 (v. 2017.3.1010) and later are available for manual installation in the Chrome Web Store. Make sure the Extensions node is selected. Type Progress Test Studio in the search bar and hit Enter.


The displayed extension called Progress Test Studio Extension (highlighted) is the latest extension comapatible with Test Studio 2017 R3 (v. 2017.3.1010) and later, and Chrome version 61 and later. You can proceed installing it by clicking the Add To Chrome button.

Add Extensions New

The two Progress Test Studio Extensions separated for Recording and Execution (highlighted below) are compatible with Test Studio version 2017 R2 SP1 (v. 2017.2.824) and previos, and Chrome with version prior 60. You can proceed installing these by clicking the Add To Chrome button.

Add Extensions

Note: If you are using Test Studio 2014 R1 (v. 2014.1.410) or earlier the respective extensions could be also found in the Store.

Telerik Extensions

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