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Invoke a Mouse Hover event


I recorded a click in a fly-out sub-menu, however it does not execute properly because the menu never properly expands to expose the element.


Invoking a mouse action can come in handy, especially in navigation menus that use hover-over fly-out sub-menus.

1.  To get started, select the hover-over highlighting tool from the recorder toolbar which is docked to the browser.

2.  Next, select the element on which you would like to invoke the hover-over mouse-action on, stay hovered.

3.  The Element Menu is now displayed. Note the icons highlighting below; these are used to invoke Javascript Events and Mouse Actions.

4.  Select Mouse Actions.

5.  Select Mouse Hover by double-clicking it.

Mouse actions

6.  A desktop command is added to your test. It invokes a mouse hover-over action triggering the menu to fly out. This allows you to select a sub-menu item.

7.  Please note that desktop commands may not function correctly if focus is removed from the execution browser.

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