Test Studio vs. Telerik Testing Framework

There are two software testing products to consider:

  • Test Studio - this product must be purchased and includes all the visual web testing tools discussed in this guide, including the Recording Surface, DOM Explorer, Steps Tab, Elements Explorer, and the Test Tab with its Storyboard Tab and Data Tab areas.

  • Telerik Testing Framework - this is a free framework that lets you write code-only tests and exercise the full functionality of the testing platform. This framework handles all the grunt work of abstracting browsers, the DOM, and XAML. With the framework you can automate user actions, find elements, wait for elements, and work with HTML and Silverlight controls.

The diagram below shows the relationship between the Framework and Test Studio. Note that Telerik Testing Framework is the foundation. It provides all the base functionality used by Test Studio. Test Studio includes the Graphical User Interface, the Telerik RadControls Translators, and Visual Studio integration.


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