Recording Toolbar

After entering a URL and pressing Enter/Start Recording button the recording toolbar is attached at the bottom of the browser:

Attaching the recorder

Here are its features:

Enable/Disable Hover Over Highlighting
Enable/Disable Hover Over Highlighting (Press "Pause/Break" to toggle)
Pause Recording Pause Recording (Press "Print Screen" to toggle)
Start Recording Start Recording (Press "Print Screen" to toggle)
Reconnect Recorder Reconnect Recorder (Restores communication between Test Studio and the recording browser window or WPF app, if necessary)
Navigation panel Navigation panel (Type URl to record and navigate to / Refresh Browser))
Dock/Undock / Dock/Undock Undock/Dock (Undock or Dock again the recorder)
Add to elements repository Add To Elements Repository (Add a single or multiple elements to the Elements Explorer)
Elements tree/tag view Elements Tree/Tag View (Whether to display the elements as tree view or tag view )

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