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Test Lists (Standalone)

In the Standalone version you can execute one or more tests through a Test List. There are two types of Test Lists: Static and Dynamic.

Static Test List

1.  Click the Test Lists tab.

2.  Click List in the Add ribbon.


3.  Name the Test List.

4.  Add the test(s) to the list from left to right either using the arrow buttons or double click the test to include in test list.


5.  The available tests in the project to be included in a Test List could be filtered by their type.


Available is also a search field to search scripts by their name.


As of release R1 2018 there is a Collapse button for your convenience. It will collapse all expanded tests and folders.


6.  Click OK to save the new Test List.

7.  Click Run List in the Execution ribbon.


Select multiple Test Lists using the Shift key or Ctrl + Click, then click Run List to execute those lists in their order of selection.

8.  The Test Studio Test Runner launches first in a command prompt window. This calls each test in the list.


9.  A browser window or WPF app opens and each test executes in sequence. Upon completion, the Results tab opens.


10.  To view the detailed test list results, double click any of the test result entries in the Timeline view.

Dynamic Test List

1.  Click the Project tab. Select a test and refer to the Test Details pane on the right. Below I have set Owner to Telerik and Priority to 1.

Test properties

2.  Click the Test Lists Tab

3.  Click Dynamic List in the Add ribbon.


4.  Name the Test List.

5.  Craft one or more Rules to filter on specific criteria, clicking plus button after each one. The current results are displayed real-time.


6.  Click OK to save the new Test List.

Each time you click Run List in the Execution ribbon, Test Studio dynamically queries the project and executes the tests that meet the criteria of the Rules.

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