Manual Activation

The following steps demonstrate how to manually activate Test Studio on a machine without an internet connection. Please note that while the machine that will run Test Studio is not connected to the internet, you will need access to the internet and our website to complete this process.

  1. Select Activate Manually.

    Activate Manually

  2. Copy your machine key from the Machine Info Key field for later use.

    Machine Key

  3. Navigate to the License Keys Management Form. Scroll down to the bottom and click + Add a key.

    License Keys Management Form

  4. Select Product from the drop down menu. Input your machine info key within the provided field, the machine name and friendly name, then click the Generate Key button.

    Select Product

    There are reserved words that cannot be used for Machine key, Machine name and Friendley name. The words are telerik, admin, administrator, sitefinity, icenium, kendo, kendoui and moderator.

  5. A confirmation appears that the Key was successfully created. Locate the key and click copy key.

    Copy key

  6. Paste the registration key within the field in Test Studio, then click Activate.


  7. If your machine was freshly imaged or replaced and you need to re-activate your license (0 seats available) on the new machine, please visit Re-Activating your License article.

  8. If you run into an issue using this, please send an email to Make sure your email contains:

    • Email address on account.
    • Machine info key.
    • A copy of any error message you are receiving while trying to activate your software.
    • A screenshot of the issue (if possible, must be in .jpg/.png/.gif format).
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