Search Project Tests

To search the tests in a project by test name, use the project view search bar.

search bar

Project tests filter as you type.


Filter Project Tests By Type

To filter by test type, use the test type menu.

test type

Only selected test types appear in the project files pane.

files pane

Both search and filter can apply at one time.


Filter Project Tests By Usage From Other Tests

Click the Test as Step button to show all tests used as TestAsStep from another test in project.

Test as step button

Right click on any test used by another test offers context menu and a 'Used By' option that shows a dialog box with listed all tests that use the initial one.

Context Menu->Used By

List of Tests

Both search and filter can apply at one time.


Filter Project Tests By Status

Click the In Development button to show all tests marked with 'In Development' flag to be excluded from compilation.

In Dev button

Both search and filter can apply at one time.


The above two filters could also be applied in the same time. On top of these the search field could also be used.


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