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History View

Click the History button in the Views ribbon. Each Performance Run is listed as a row in the grid. Click a column header to sort by that column. Each Run is also represented on the line graph below the grid.

History View

The first column of the grid shows a chart icon. Click that icon for the Run you wish to establish as your performance baseline. Only one run can be designated as the Benchmark.


Click the Date field for a Run to see its Overview.


The last column of the grid shows a delete icon. Click that icon to send that Performance Run to the Recycle Bin. Once in the Recycle Bin, Runs can be restored or permanently deleted.


  • Performance Run files have a .tsperf file extension.
  • The file name consists of a string of digits and the machine name, for example:
    • 129591225988564221 MACHINE1.tsperf
  • The original location is the file path set in Set Up > Configure under section 1: Basics.
  • .tsperf files cannot be opened on their own. They simply hold the data seen in the different Performance views.
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