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Test Lists in Visual Studio 2010 (Deprecated)

Although test lists are deprecated in Visual Studio 2012 you can still use them:

  1. From the Solution Explorer right click the Solution and select Add -> New item.

    Add item

  2. Type in the text box 'TestList.vsmdi' or any other item name that ends with '.vsmdi' and click add.

    Add .vsmdi file

    Note: make sure not to click on any item as it would overwrite your input.

  3. The .vsmdi file is created in 'Solution Items' sub folder right under your solution.

    Solution items

  4. Double click TestList.vsmdi and which brings up the 'Test List Editor' in Visual Studio.

    Test List Editor

  5. Right click Lists of Tests and select New Test List.

    Create new test list

  6. Name the Test List and click OK.

    Name the test

  7. Click All Loaded Tests and drag the test you want into the TestList1. You can use Ctrl/Shift + Click to select multiple tests.

    Add test to the test list

You can only create a test list and edit it in Visual Studio 2012 and later. In order to execute the test list you need to use MSTest via the command line.

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