Syncing a Single Item

Rather than syncing an entire project, single items such as Stories, Bugs, Issues, and Risks can be synced on their own.  One scenario that this is useful is if a developer wants to check in code and associate the check-in with a work item, but the item has not been synced to TFS yet.

Before an item can be synced with TFS, the project it belongs to must be configured for syncing.  For more information see the section entitled Choosing a TFS Project to Synchronize With.


To sync a single item with TFS the user mush have edit item permission.

1. Open an item for editing in the edit overlay.

  • This can be done from many places including grids, the story/task board, and My Perspective screen.

2. In the Properties section, scroll down to find the Sync button.

  • If the Sync with TFS checkbox is not checked, clicking the Sync button will check it for you.

3. If the Sync button is enabled, click it to synchronize the item with TFS.

  • While the item is being synced, the Sync button will be disabled and an icon will show information about the sync status.  When syncing has completed, the button will be enabled again.

Single Item Sync

Sync Status

An icon in the Sync button is used to display some information about the sync status of an item.  The following section is a summary of what each icon means.


Unsynced – The item has been marked for syncing with TFS, but has never been synced before.

Successful sync

Success – The item has been synced before and the last time it synced, it synced successfully.

Sync in progress

In Progress – Synchronization of the item is currently in progress.  Items are synced one at a time in the order they were submitted for sync.  As a result, a message may be displayed near the icon saying that the item is queued behind other items.  Single item syncs always jump ahead of full project syncs in the queue.  In this way, syncing a single item should be quite fast, unless a full project sync is currently in progress.  Nothing can interrupt an in progress sync.

Sync conflict

Conflicts – Synchronization of the item has completed but one or more conflicts were found.  A conflict can occur if the same field is edited in both TeamPulse and TFS.  Clicking the icon will take you to the Conflict screen where you can resolve the conflicts.  For more information about conflicts, see the Dealing with conflicts section.

Sync error

Errors - Synchronization of the item has completed but one or more errors occurred.  Clicking the icon will take you to the Sync Errors screen where you can see the details of the error.  For more information about sync errors, see the Dealing with errors section.