Choosing a TFS Project to Synchronize With

Choosing a TFS project to synchronize your TeamPulse project involves three steps: getting a list of TFS projects, choosing a project, and choosing a process template.

Only users with Project Administrator rights can connect to TFS Server and only users with Server Administrator rights are allowed to Manage Sync Servers.

In TeamPulse, from the ribbon, go to Project > TFS Sync Information.

View TFS sync info ribbon button

  • From the Server\Collection list, select the TFS server that contains the project you want to synchronize with.
    • If the correct server is not in the list, click the Manage Servers button to add it.
  • Selecting a server will query TFS for a list of projects for the current user.
  • Once a project is selected, the TFS Process Template drop down is defaulted to a suggested value.
  • Click the Connect to Server button to link the selected TFS project to your TeamPulse project.
    • A synchronization operation will not be started right away.
    • Before synchronizing, you should review the items that will be synchronized and review the synchronization configuration settings.
    • For more information, see the sections entitled The Synchronization Process and Configuring Synchronization.

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