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Q2 2014 SP1 Changes and Dependencies

This article explains the manual changes required when upgrading to Telerik Reporting Q2 2014 SP1 (

WPF Report Viewer Dependencies

The viewer is build with Telerik UI Controls for WPF 2014.2.729.40 (SP 1). If you are using a newer version consider adding binding redirects. For more information see: How to Add report viewer to a WPF .NET Framework project.

Silverlight Report Viewer Dependencies

The viewer is build with Telerik UI Controls for Silverlight 2014.2.729.1050 (SP 1).

HTML5 Report Viewer Changes

The data-command attributes utilized by the HTML5 report viewer have been renamed as follows:

Old: New:
historyBack telerik_ReportViewer_historyBack
historyForward telerik_ReportViewer_historyForward
refresh telerik_ReportViewer_refresh
goToFirstPage telerik_ReportViewer_goToFirstPage
goToPrevPage telerik_ReportViewer_goToPrevPage
PageNumberInput telerik_ReportViewer_PageNumberInput
PageCountLabel telerik_ReportViewer_PageCountLabel
goToNextPage telerik_ReportViewer_goToNextPage
goToLastPage telerik_ReportViewer_goToLastPage
togglePrintPreview telerik_ReportViewer_togglePrintPreview
export telerik_ReportViewer_export
print telerik_ReportViewer_print
toggleDocumentMap telerik_ReportViewer_toggleDocumentMap
toggleParametersArea telerik_ReportViewer_toggleParametersArea
zoomIn telerik_ReportViewer_zoomIn
zoomOut telerik_ReportViewer_zoomOut
toggleZoomMode telerik_ReportViewer_toggleZoomMode
toggleSideMenu telerik_ReportViewer_toggleSideMenu

The directPrint option has been renamed as follows:

Old: New:
directPrint printMode

The new printMode option is an enumeration and when upgrading from directPrint the values have to be upgraded as follows:

directPrint: printMode:
undefined AUTO_SELECT

ASP.NET MVC Extension changes

The IReportViewerBuilder method DirectPrint(bool directPrint) is now obsolete. PrintMode(PrintMode printMode) has been introduced instead.

The new PrintMode(PrintMode printMode) method accepts enumeration as an argument and when upgrading from DirectPrint(bool directPrint) the values have to be upgraded as follows:

DirectPrint: PrintMode:
N/A * AutoSelect*
true * ForcePDFPlugin*
false * ForcePDFFile*

Standalone Report Designer

TRDX files created by the Standalone Report Designer contain XML version

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