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WebServiceDataSource Wizard Displays object Object


Product Progress® Telerik® Reporting
Project Type ASP.NET Web Application
Target Framework .NET Framework


When I attempt to preview the data of the WebServiceDataSource component in the last page of the wizard, instead of seeing the response printed on the page, it displays [object Object]s.


In the .NET Framework implementation of the ReportDesignerControllerBase class, which must be used to create a controller for the Report Designer service in the project, the PreviewWebServiceData(DataSourceInfo) method returns a JSON response instead of a stringified JSON, thus the inner text of the element on the page cannot be bound correctly.

Suggested Workarounds

As a workaround, the PreviewWebServiceData(DataSourceInfo) method of the report designer controller can be overridden to return a plain text response instead of JSON:

public override IHttpActionResult PreviewWebServiceData(DataSourceInfo dataSourceInfo)
    var baseResult = (ResponseMessageResult)base.PreviewWebServiceData(dataSourceInfo);
    var jsonString = baseResult.Response.Content.ReadAsStringAsync().Result;

    return Ok(jsonString);

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