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Configure SqlDataSource to use database with schema-per-tenant design


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The database feeding the report with data may use a schema-per-tenant design, i.e. a new schema will be added every time a new user is set up. The query for fetching the data will differ only in its 'schema' part. Here is how to avoid creating a data source for each schema/user.


  1. Declare the SqlDataSource that should use 'schema-per-tenant'. Set its ConnectionString. Note that this can be done dynamically through a report parameter. Assign the DataSource to the corresponding Data item.

  2. Declare a Report Parameter (i.e. 'Schema') to provide the name of the user schema.

  3. Use the Bindings property of the Data item to provide the SelectCommand property:

Property path Expression
DataSource.SelectCommand = Format("SELECT {0}.[Production].[Product].[Name],{0}.[Production].[Product].[ProductNumber],{0}.[Production].[Product].[ListPrice],{0}.[Production].[Product].[StandardCost] FROM {0}.[Production].[Product]", Parameters.Schema.Value)

The DataSource.SelectCommand property path is not listed in the dropdown and must be typed manually. The sample code uses the Format Text function to integrate the schema name in the query string.

You may provide also the entire SelectCommand as a value taken from a Report parameter:

Property path Expression
DataSource.SelectCommand = Parameters.Query.Value


  • Use this technique only within trusted environment as SQL concatenation allows SQL injection.
  • Bindings are not available on the ReportParameter-s, so this technique cannot be applied on a data source feeding the available values of a ReportParameter

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