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Oracle error ORA-01008 - Not all variables bound


On previewing the report in a report viewer, an Oracle error 'ORA-01008: Not all variables are bound' is thrown. Sometimes, the report will display without errors in the Standalone Report Designer but the error gets thrown when displaying that same report in a report viewer.

The exception is thrown when a parameter with the same name is used more than once in the query used by the SqlDataSource component and the data provider being used is the Oracle.ManagedDataAccess(or Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.Core) provider. However, the error may not be thrown in all such cases, so far it has been reported under specific circumstances such as having nested select clauses used in the query.


There are three approaches that can be taken in this case:

  1. With the Oracle.ManagedDataAccess data provider, clients have reported that the issue is occurring when a parameter with the same name is used more than once in the query. Event then, it does not occur everytime, a very simple query would probably pass without errors. In complicated queries, such as having nested selects in it, make sure that each parameter is used only once and the query should once again start passing.

  2. Add the following code to your application's configuration file. This forces ODP.NET to bind by name rather than position. See the property BindByName for more details.

        <version number="*">
                <setting name="BindByName" value="True"/>

    The third approach is not recommended because the types in System.Data.OracleClient are deprecated and will be removed in a future version of the .NET Framework. For more information, see Oracle and ADO.NET.

  3. Since the issue is only present in the Oracle.ManagedDataAccess data provider, switching to the deprecated System.Data.OracleClient data provider may also resolve the issue.

This error is related to the Oracle.ManagedDataAccess data provider itself and is out of the scope of Telerik Reporting. The problem is reproducible in apps that do not use Telerik Reporting at all which can be verified by simply extracting the query and executing it separately.

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