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How to Localize the Html5 Viewer's Mail Message Editor Toolbar


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The TextArea of the email message template is a Kendo Editor, which toolbar cannot be localized with the general localization approach for the Html5 Viewer that is described in the Localization article.


The Kendo Editor can be localized as explained in the Localization in jQuery Editor Widget article. You need to add the following code in the head section of the page with the viewer just before adding the viewer's script:

<script src=""></script>
<meta charset="utf-8">

The localization script replaces the default messages in the widget prototype with their equivalent translations. The above script refers to 'bg-BG' culture, i.e. the Bulgarian language. For other languages, the file has to be named by following the kendo.messages.<language>.min.js convention. You may check the available translations in the Kendo GitHub repository. The meta tag with the encoding is needed in order to display the toolbar messages' special symbols correctly in most languages.

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