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Add a Dynamic Gauge in the Telerik Report Designer


Product Progress® Telerik® Reporting
Product Version R1 2023 SP1 ( and older

With R2 2023 ( we introduced the Gauge report item.


I need to add a dynamic gauge that represents a specific value to my report.


After R2 2023 (

Use the built-in Gauge report item.

Before R2 2023 (

The Telerik Report Designer did not provide a built-in Gauge control in the older versions. As a workaround, you can use an image instead with these versions.

Alternatively, you can use another tool to render the gauge with the desired value. The following steps demonstrate how to add the Gauge for ASP.NET AJAX:

  1. Render the desired value in a gauge tool of your choice.
  2. Capture or export the image.
  3. Use the PictureBox item to display the image in your report.

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