Progress® Telerik® Reporting R1 2018

Data Functions

  • Exec(scope, expression) - executes the specified expression in the given data scope. Used mostly with aggregate expressions as a second parameter; this function allows changing of the data scope in which the expression is evaluated. Scope parameter is the name of the data scope we need to evaluate the expression against. For example the expression

    =Fields.LineTotal / Exec(' Report1 ', Sum(Fields.LineTotal))

    used in detail section will return the LineTotal amount as percentage from the whole report.

  • RunningValue(scope, aggregateFunction) - the value for RunningValue resets to 0 for each new instance of the specified scope. If a group is specified, the running value is reset when the group expression changes. If a data item is specified, the running value is reset for each new instance of the data item.

    Restrictions for RunningValue are determined by the aggregate function specified in the function parameter. RunningValue cannot be used in a filter or sort expression.

The set of data specified in the expression must have the same data type. To convert data that has multiple numeric data types to the same data type, use conversion functions like CInt , CDbl, etc.

Report sections / table rows(columns) running count




Returns a running count of all rows in the specified scope.


Returns a running count of all columns in the specified scope.

Note Note

Data scope functions cannot be nested.

Data scope functions are evaluated on-demand. This means that in some cases (using RowNumber() / ColumnNumber() functions) their results might vary according to the order of report actions execution.

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