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FormatKey Overview

The document format and settings forming a key:

    "format": "HTML5",
    "deviceInfo": { "UseSVG": true },
    "useCache": true,
    "baseDocumentId": "xxxx",
    "actionId": "xxxx"


Field Type Required Description
format String true PDF, XLSX, etc. A full list can be found at: Export Formats
deviceInfo Object false Device Information Settings. Each property of the object represents a single setting. The name of the property is the name of the setting and the value of the property is the setting value
useCache Boolean false Indicates whether the returned document should be taken from cached resources if available. The default value is True
baseDocumentId String false The base document from the cache that should service as interactivity blueprint
actionId String false The server interactivity action that should be triggered over an existing document in order to generate the new document

For more details see CreateDocumentArgs.

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