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Customize the Toolbar of the Blazor Native Report Viewer

This article explains how to customize the default set and order of tools displayed in the Blazor Native ReportViewer toolbar.

The customization is done similar to the Blazor Editor component.

Available Tools

Here is the list of all the Tools that may be used in the toolbar in their default order of appearance as may be seen in the Native Blazor Report Viewer Overview:

  • NavigateBackward
  • NavigateForward
  • StopRendering
  • Refresh
  • FirstPage
  • PreviousPage
  • PageNumber
  • NextPage
  • LastPage
  • ToggleViewMode
  • Export
  • Print
  • SendEmail
  • ToggleDocumentMap
  • ToggleParametersArea
  • ZoomIn
  • ZoomOut
  • ToggleScaleMode
  • Search

The predefined set of all availabe tools is accessible from the Telerik.ReportViewer.BlazorNative.Tools.ToolSets.Default static property. It will return the List of the tools displayed by default in the ReportViewer.

Implementing the Customized Toolbar

Use the Tools option of the viewer to pass a custom ordered list of Tools for the Toolabar. For example, the below code removes the Search, SendEmail and zoom functionalities from the viewer and moves the Refresh in the beginning of the toolbar:

@page "/"

@using Telerik.ReportViewer.BlazorNative.Tools


@code {
    public ReportSourceOptions ReportSource { get; set; } = new ReportSourceOptions("Report Catalog.trdp", new Dictionary<string, object> {});
    public List<IReportViewerTool> Tools = new List<IReportViewerTool>
        new Refresh(),
        new NavigateBackward(),
        new NavigateForward(),
        new StopRendering(),
        new FirstPage(),
        new PreviousPage(),
        new PageNumber(),
        new NextPage(),
        new LastPage(),
        new ToggleViewMode(),
        new Export(),
        new Print(),
        new ToggleDocumentMap(),
        new ToggleParametersArea()

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