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The commands of the HTML5 Report Viewer

The report viewer exposes all its available commands through the commands collection:

Each command is an object with the exec() method being the one that actually triggers the command. The other two methods, enabled() and checked() return a bool value and can be used prior to executing a command or to find in what state the UI for the command should be.

$('#printButton').click(function () {
    var rv = $("#reportViewer1").data("telerik_ReportViewer");

The example above selects an HTML element with the printButton id using jQuery and in the click event handler invokes report viewer print command. Note that the exec() method of the command needs to be called. For more information please check the command article.

The following table is a list of all commands:

Command name Parameters Description
historyBack none Goes back to the previously rendered report from history.
historyForward none Goes forward to the previously rendered report from history.
stopRendering none Stop the rendering of the current report at the first possible moment.
refresh none Refreshes the report.
goToFirstPage none Goes to the first page of the report.
goToPrevPage none Goes to the previous page of the report.
goToPage page number Goes to a specific page of the report.
goToNextPage none Goes to the next page of the report.
goToLastPage none Goes to the last page of the report.
togglePrintPreview none Toggles between Print Preview and Interactive view modes.
export rendering extension name Exports the report, using the respective rendering extension name.
print none Triggers the report printing.
toggleDocumentMap none Shows or hides the document map.
toggleParametersArea none Shows or hides the parameters area.
zoomIn none Zoom-in the report.
zoomOut none Zoom-out the report.
zoom zoom ratio Zoom with a specified ratio.
toggleZoomMode none Changes the zoom mode of the report.
toggleSideMenu none Shows or hides the side menu.
toggleSearchDialog none Shows or hides the search dialog.

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