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Web Report Designer Localization

This article elaborates on how to localize the strings used and displayed by the Web Report Designer.

  1. Include script containing strings. Create a JavaScript file in your application, in a location where it can be referenced by the HTML page/View containing the Web Report Designer initialization script. This can for example be inside the Scripts folder of your website. You may use the resource file that gets deployed with the installation of the product in the subfolder, for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Progress\Telerik Reporting 2024 Q1\Html5\ReportDesigner\js\WebReportDesignerStringsBase- or the following code snippet:

    export class WebReportDesignerStringsBase  {
        constructor() {
            this.Report = "Report";
            this.CombinedReport = "Combined Report";
            this.SharedDataSource = "Shared Data Source";
            this.ToolboxAreaTitle = "Components";
            this.PropertiesTitle = "Properties";
            this.PropertiesCategorized = "Categorized";
            this.PropertiesAlphabetical = "Alphabetical";
            this.ExplorerTitle = "Explorer";
            this.CollapseToolbar = "Collapse toolbar";
            this.MainMenu = "Menu";
            this.More = "more";
            this.Error = "Error";
            this.Warning = "Warning";
            this.Close = "Close";
            this.SearchTitle = "Search through the different options.";
            this.SearchAction = "Press enter to filter the available options.";
            this.GeneratingPreview = "GENERATING PREVIEW...";
            this.CreateNewReport = "Create a Report";
            this.CreateNewCombinedReport = "Create a Combined Report";
            this.ComponetsItemsList = "List layout";
            this.ComponetsItemsGrid = "Grid layout";
            this.NewReporFileName = "File Name";
            this.NewReporFileType = "Save as type";
            this.OverlapingMessage = "Item '{firstItem}' overlaps '{secondItem}'.\nOverlapping items may not appear as expected in some export formats.";
            this.InvalidPasteOfMultipleItemsInTableMessage = "Pasting multiple items is not supported for a Table item. Paste a single item instead.";
            this.CannotFindValidPasteContainerMessage = "Cannot find a valid target container for the pasted items.";
            this.ReportItemsGroupTitle = "Report Items";
            this.TablesGroupTitle = "Tables";
            this.Panel = "Panel";
            this.TextBox = "TextBox";
            this.HtmlTextBox = "HtmlTextBox";
            this.PictureBox = "PictureBox";
            this.Barcode = "Barcode";
            this.Shape = "Shape";
            this.CheckBox = "CheckBox";
            this.Table = "Table";
            this.TableGroup = "Table Group";
            this.TableWizard = "Table Wizard";
            this.Crosstab = "Crosstab";
            this.CrosstabWizard = "Crosstab Wizard";
            this.RadialGaugeWizard = "Radial Gauge Wizard";
            this.LinearGaugeWizard = "Linear Gauge Wizard";
            this.List = "List";
            this.ReportsGroupTitle = "Report";
            this.SubReport = "SubReport";
            this.MapsGroupTitle = "Maps";
            this.Map = "Map";
            this.Choropleth = "Choropleth";
            this.ChartsGroupTitle = "Charts";
            this.Graph = "Graph";
            this.BarGraphWizard = "Bar";
            this.LineGraphWizard = "Line";
            this.PieGraphWizard = "Pie";
            this.AreaGraphWizard = "Area";
            this.ColumnGraphWizard = "Column";
            this.SectionsGroupTitle = "Report Sections";
            this.PageHeaderSection = "Page Header";
            this.PageFooterSection = "Page Footer";
            this.ReportHeaderSection = "Report Header";
            this.ReportFooterSection = "Report Footer";
            this.TocSection = "Table of Contents";
            this.DataSourcesGroupTitle = "Data Sources";
            this.SqlDataSource = "SQL Data Source";
            this.CsvDataSource = "CSV Data Source";
            this.WebServiceDataSource = "Web Service Data Source";
            this.JsonDataSource = "JSON Data Source";
            this.ObjectDataSource = "Object Data Source";
            this.AppearanceCategory = "Appearance";
            this.BehaviorCategory = "Behavior";
            this.DataCategory = "Data";
            this.GeneralCategory = "General";
            this.InteractivityCategory = "Interactivity";
            this.LayoutCategory = "Layout";
            this.SettingsCategory = "Settings";
            this.ReportSourceCategory = "Report source";
            this.RedoButton = "Redo";
            this.UndoButton = "Undo";
            this.PreviewButton = "Preview";
            this.OpenButton = "Open";
            this.OpenRecentButton = "Open Recent...";
            this.ClearRecentDocuments = "Clear Recent Documents";
            this.CloseButton = "Close";
            this.CloseAllButThisButton = "Close All But This";
            this.CloseAllButton = "Close All";
            this.NewButton = "New";
            this.NewReportButton = "New Report";
            this.NewCombinedReportButton = "New Combined Report";
            this.CreateButton = "Create";
            this.SaveButton = "Save";
            this.SaveAsButton = "Save As...";
            this.PublishButton = "Publish";
            this.RevertButton = "Revert";
            this.CancelButton = "Cancel";
            this.CutButton = "Cut";
            this.CopyButton = "Copy";
            this.PasteButton = "Paste";
            this.DeleteButton = "Delete";
            this.BringToFrontButton = "Bring To Front";
            this.SendToBackButton = "Send To Back";
            this.FinishButton = "Finish";
            this.NextButton = "Next";
            this.BackButton = "Back";
            this.CopyStyleButton = "Copy Style";
            this.PasteStyleButton = "Paste Style";
            this.ResetStyleButton = "Reset Style";
            this.NewSharedDataSourceButton = `${this.NewButton} ${this.SharedDataSource}`;
            this.CreateSharedDataSourceTitle = `${this.CreateButton} ${this.SharedDataSource}`;
            this.SaveSharedDataSourceAsTitle = `Save ${this.SharedDataSource} As`;
            this.SaveAsSharedDataSource = `Save As ${this.SharedDataSource}`;
            this.AddExistingSharedDataSource = `Add Existing ${this.SharedDataSource}`;
            this.SaveAndOpenButton = `Save And Open`;
            this.OpenLocalizedReportConfirmationMessage = "This report is localized and cannot be edited using the Web Report Designer. You can only save the report without the localization data using 'Save As'. Continue?";
            this.OpenLocalizedReportConfirmationMessageOnReportServer = "This report is localized and cannot be edited using the Web Report Designer. Editing localized reports is currently supported only in the Desktop Report Designer. If you continue, the Web Report Designer won't be able to save your changes. Continue?";
            this.MainMenuNewShortcut = "Ctrl+Alt+N";
            this.MainMenuOpenShortcut = "Ctrl+O";
            this.MainMenuSaveShortcut = "Ctrl+S";
            this.MainMenuSaveAsShortcut = "Ctrl+Shift+S";
            this.MainMenuCloseShortcut = "Ctrl+Alt+W";
            this.DesignButton = "Design";
            this.Workspace = "Workspace Preferences";
            this.NoRecentDocuments = "No recent documents";
            this.InlineDataSources = "Inline Data Sources";
            this.SharedDataSources = "Shared Data Sources";
            this.Groups = "Groups";
            this.Parameters = "Parameters";
            this.Styles = "Styles";
            this.CrossSectionItems = "CrossSectionItems";
            this.CrossSectionItem = "CrossSectionItem";
            this.RowGroups = "Row Groups";
            this.ColumnGroups = "Column Groups";
            this.Search = "Search";
            this.Body = "Body";
            this.Corner = "Corner";
            this.PreferencesHeader = "Preferences";
            this.RulersGroupHeader = "Ruler and Grid";
            this.RulerTitle = "Show ruler (dimensions)";
            this.GridTitle = "Show grid";
            this.SnappingGroupHeader = "Snapping";
            this.SnappToGridLineTitle = "Snap to grid lines";
            this.SnappToSnapLineTitle = "Snap to snap lines";
            this.GeneralPreferencesHeader = "General";
            this.RestoreReports = "Preserve open reports on exit";
            this.MiscGroupHeader = "Misc";
            this.Watermark = "Watermark";
            this.Pan = "Pan";
            this.LoadMore = "Load More";
            this.Remove = "Remove";
            this.AddImage = "Add Image";
            this.ShowProperties = "Show Properties";
            this.AddItem = "Add New Item";
            this.EditItem = "Edit Item";
            this.RemoveItem = "Remove This Item";
            this.Edit = "Edit";
            this.Configure = "Configure";
            this.OpenForEditing = "Open for Editing";
            this.Replace = "Replace";
            this.Edited = " - Edited";
            this.ChooseAnOption = "Choose an option...";
            this.NoneSelected = "(none)";
            this.SelectOrTypeToggleTarget = "Select or type toggle target";
            this.SelectOrTypeSortingTarget = "Select or type sorting target";
            this.ToggleTargets = "Toggle targets";
            this.SortingTargets = "Sorting targets";
            this.EmptyCollectionEditor = "No items added.";
            this.SelectItem = "Select {item}";
            this.AssetManager = "Assets Manager";
            this.Upload = "Upload";
            this.UploadToFolder = "Upload To Folder";
            this.Download = "Download";
            this.SortDirection = "Sort direction";
            this.SortDirectionAsc = "Sort Direction Ascending";
            this.SortDirectionDesc = "Sort Direction Descending";
            this.SortBy = "Sort By";
            this.DateModified = "Date Modified";
            this.DateCreated = "Date Created";
            this.ListView = "List View";
            this.GridView = "Grid View";
            this.ViewDetails = "View Details";
            this.ViewDetailsChecked = "On";
            this.ViewDetalisUnchecked = "Off";
            this.NoFileSelected = "No file selected";
            this.Extension = "Extension";
            this.Rename = "Rename";
            this.NewFolder = "New Folder";
            this.CreateNewFolder = "Create New Folder";
            this.CopyPath = "Copy path";
            this.Browse = "Browse";
            this.Items = "items";
            this.RemoveFromRecent = "Remove from recent";
            this.NewFolderWindowTitle = "Create New Folder in";
            this.BrowseForFolderWindowTitle = "Browse For Folder";
            this.UploadFilesTo = "Upload files to";
            this.CloseUpload = "Close upload";
            this.ClearSelectedFile = "Clear file";
            this.DropFilesHere = "Drop file here to upload";
            this.UploadingStatus = "Uploading...";
            this.UploadedStatus = "Upload finished";
            this.UploadFailed = "Upload failed";
            this.UploadSuccess = "Upload succeeded";
            this.UploadFail = "Upload failed";
            this.InvalidFileExtension = "Invalid file extension";
            this.InvalidFiles = "Invalid files";
            this.Retry = "Retry";
            this.SelectFile = "Select file...";
            this.DragAndDropFilesHere = "Drag & drop files here";
            this.Or = "or";
            this.Background = "Background";
            this.Borders = "Borders";
            this.Alignment = "Alignment";
            this.BackgroundImage = "Background image";
            this.BackgroundColor = "Background color";
            this.BeginColor = "Begin color";
            this.EndColor = "End color";
            this.MimeType = "MIME type";
            this.ImageAlignment = "Image alignment";
            this.Repeat = "Repeat";
            this.Border = "Border";
            this.Line = "Line";
            this.Font = "Font";
            this.FontStyle = "Font style";
            this.Bold = "Bold";
            this.Italic = "Italic";
            this.Strikeout = "Strikeout";
            this.Underline = "Underline";
            this.Padding = "Padding";
            this.Color = "Color";
            this.Style = "Style";
            this.TitleStyle = "Title style";
            this.Opacity = "Opacity";
            this.ToolTip = "Tooltip";
            this.Visible = "Visible";
            this.PageNumberingStyle = "Page numbering style";
            this.PageSettings = "Page settings";
            this.DocumentName = "Document name";
            this.UnitOfMeasure = "Unit of measure";
            this.Parent = "Parent";
            this.Action = "Action";
            this.BookmarkId = "Bookmark ID";
            this.DocumentMapText = "Document map text";
            this.TocText = "ToC text";
            this.Name = "Name";
            this.Bindings = "Bindings";
            this.DataSource = "Data source";
            this.DataSourceReference = `Data Source Reference`;
            this.DataSourceReadOnlySuffix = " (readonly)";
            this.DataSourceUnsupportedWarning = " is initialized as readonly component.";
            this.Groupings = "Groupings";
            this.Sortings = "Sortings";
            this.Filters = "Filters";
            this.ReportParameters = "Report parameters";
            this.AccessibleDescription = "Accessible description";
            this.AccessibleRole = "Accessible role";
            this.ConditionalFormatting = "Conditional formatting";
            this.ExternalStyleSheets = "External style sheets";
            this.StyleName = "Style name";
            this.StyleSheet = "Style sheet";
            this.CanShrink = "Can shrink";
            this.KeepTogether = "Keep together";
            this.Anchoring = "Anchoring";
            this.Docking = "Docking";
            this.Location = "Location";
            this.PrintOnFirstPage = "Print on first page";
            this.PrintOnLastPage = "Print on last page";
            this.TextWrap = "Text wrap";
            this.Multiline = "Multiline";
            this.CanGrow = "Can grow";
            this.Angle = "Angle";
            this.Format = "Format";
            this.Value = "Value";
            this.Width = "Width";
            this.Top = "Top";
            this.Left = "Left";
            this.Center = "Center";
            this.Middle = "Middle";
            this.Justify = "Justify";
            this.Height = "Height";
            this.Size = "Size";
            this.Sizing = "Sizing";
            this.Bottom = "Bottom";
            this.Default = "Default";
            this.Right = "Right";
            this.LineWidth = "Line width";
            this.LineStyle = "Line style";
            this.TextAlign = "Text align";
            this.VerticalAlign = "Vertical align";
            this.Text = "Text";
            this.Title = "Title";
            this.ColumnCount = "Column count";
            this.ColumnSpacing = "Column spacing";
            this.ContinuousPaper = "Continuous paper";
            this.Landscape = "Landscape";
            this.Margins = "Margins";
            this.PaperKind = "Paper kind";
            this.PaperSize = "Paper size";
            this.Watermarks = "Watermarks";
            this.Selectors = "Selectors";
            this.Count = "Count";
            this.Item = "Item";
            this.Expression = "Expression";
            this.Path = "Path";
            this.Kind = "Kind";
            this.GroupKeepTogether = "Group keep together";
            this.AllowBlank = "Allow blank";
            this.AllowNull = "Allow null";
            this.AutoRefresh = "Auto-refresh";
            this.AvailableValues = "Available values";
            this.Mergeable = "Mergeable";
            this.MultiValue = "Multi-value";
            this.Type = "Type";
            this.DisplayMember = "Display member";
            this.ValueMember = "Value member";
            this.TrueValue = "True value";
            this.FalseValue = "False value";
            this.IndeterminateValue = "Indeterminate value";
            this.CheckedImage = "Checked image";
            this.UncheckedImage = "Unchecked image";
            this.IndeterminateImage = "Indeterminate image";
            this.CheckAlign = "Check align";
            this.CalculatedFields = "Calculated fields";
            this.Columns = "Columns";
            this.CommentToken = "Comment token";
            this.ConsecutiveFieldSeparatorsAsOne = "Consecutive field separators as one";
            this.ConsecutiveRecordSeparatorsAsOne = "Consecutive record separators as one";
            this.DateTimeFormat = "DateTime format";
            this.DecimalSeparator = "Decimal separator";
            this.EscapeFormat = "Escape format";
            this.FieldSeparators = "Field separators";
            this.HasHeaders = "Has headers";
            this.Quote = "Quote";
            this.RecordSeparators = "Record separators";
            this.Source = "Source";
            this.ThousandSeparator = "Thousand separator";
            this.CommandTimeout = "Command timeout";
            this.ConnectionString = "Connection string";
            this.ProviderName = "Provider name";
            this.SelectCommand = "Select command";
            this.SelectCommandType = "Select command type";
            this.Authentication = "Authentication";
            this.DataEncoding = "Data encoding";
            this.DataFormat = "Data format";
            this.DataSelector = "Data selector";
            this.IgnoreResponseErrors = "Ignore response errors";
            this.Method = "Method";
            this.ServiceUrl = "Service URL";
            this.ExternalFile = "External file";
            this.InlineData = "Inline data";
            this.Data = "Data";
            this.Password = "Password";
            this.Username = "Username";
            this.LoginMethod = "Login method";
            this.LoginUrl = "Login URL";
            this.LogoutMethod = "Logout method";
            this.LogoutUrl = "Logout URL";
            this.ResponseFormat = "Response format";
            this.TokenPath = "Token path";
            this.Image = "Image";
            this.EmbeddedImage = "Embedded image";
            this.FileFromAssets = "File from assets";
            this.CategoryGroups = "Category groups";
            this.SeriesGroups = "Series groups";
            this.ColorPalette = "Color palette";
            this.GradientPalette = "Gradient palette";
            this.MonochromaticPalette = "Monochromatic palette";
            this.CoordinateSystems = "Coordinate systems";
            this.Legend = "Legend";
            this.Legends = "Legends";
            this.NoDataMessage = "No data message";
            this.NoDataStyle = "No data style";
            this.PlotAreaStyle = "Plot area style";
            this.Series = "Series";
            this.Titles = "Titles";
            this.Fields = "Fields";
            this.GeoLocationGroups = "Geolocation groups";
            this.Extent = "Extent";
            this.LocationProvider = "Location provider";
            this.TileProvider = "Tile provider";
            this.Meridians = "Meridians";
            this.Parallels = "Parallels";
            this.Projection = "Projection";
            this.ScaleLegend = "Scale legend";
            this.ToggleVisibilityAction = "Toggle visibility";
            this.NavigateToBookmarkAction = "Navigate to bookmark";
            this.NavigateToUrlAction = "Navigate to URL";
            this.NavigateToReportAction = "Navigate to report";
            this.CustomAction = "Custom action";
            this.SortingAction = "Sorting";
            this.DisplayExpandedMark = "Toggle mark initially expanded";
            this.SaveReportAs = "Save Report As";
            this.ValueType = "value type";
            this.DateOnly = "Date only";
            this.DateTime = "DateTime";
            this.SkipBlankPages = "Skip blank pages";
            this.PageBreak = "Page break";
            this.PrintAtBottom = "Print at bottom";
            this.PrintOnEveryPage = "Print on every page";
            this.ReportSource = "Report source";
            this.ReportSources = "Report sources";
            this.TocPosition = "ToC position";
            this.TocReportSource = "ToC report source";
            this.RequestTimeout = "Request timeout";
            this.DataMember = "Data member";
            this.ColumnHeadersPrintOnEveryPage = "Column headers print on every page";
            this.RowHeadersPrintOnEveryPage = "Row headers print on every page";
            this.FreezeColumnHeaders = "Freeze column headers";
            this.FreezeRowHeaders = "Freeze row headers";
            this.ShapeType = "Shape type";
            this.StartAngle = "Start angle";
            this.BarAlign = "Bar align";
            this.Checksum = "Checksum";
            this.ShowText = "Show text";
            this.ApplicationIndicator = "Application indicator";
            this.SymbolSize = "Symbol size";
            this.TextEncoding = "Text encoding";
            this.ErrorCorrectionLevel = "Error correction level";
            this.QuietZone = "Quiet zone";
            this.ValidateBillData = "Validate bill data";
            this.ValueFromBillData = "Value from bill data";
            this.BillData = "Bill data";
            this.IBANType = "IBAN type";
            this.AdditionalInfo = "Additional info";
            this.AlternativeProcedure1 = "Alternative procedure 1";
            this.AlternativeProcedure2 = "Alternative procedure 2";
            this.Amount = "Amount";
            this.Currency = "Currency";
            this.Reference = "Reference";
            this.ReferenceType = "Reference type";
            this.StructuredBillInfo = "Structured bill info";
            this.City = "City";
            this.Country = "Country";
            this.HouseNumber = "House number";
            this.PostalCode = "Postal code";
            this.Street = "Street";
            this.IsInsidePlotArea = "Is inside plot area";
            this.LatitudeMax = "Latitude max";
            this.LatitudeMin = "Latitude min";
            this.LongitudeMax = "Longitude max";
            this.LongitudeMin = "Longitude min";
            this.ItemStyle = "Item style";
            this.ScaleUnits = "Scale units";
            this.LogoUrl = "Logo URL";
            this.UrlSubdomains = "URL subdomains";
            this.UrlTemplate = "URL template";
            this.UserAgent = "User agent";
            this.RuntimeSettings = "Runtime settings";
            this.TitleStyleName = "Title style name";
            this.LeaderSymbol = "Leader symbol";
            this.ReportEngineSettings = "Report engine settings";
            this.CacheDefinitionProperties = "Cache definition properties";
            this.Description = "Description";
            this.Thickness = "Thickness";
            this.PointRadius = "Point radius";
            this.Length = "Length";
            this.BackLength = "Back length";
            this.SweepAngle = "Sweep angle";
            this.FirstVisibleValue = "First visible value";
            this.LastVisibleValue = "Last visible value";
            this.Start = "Start";
            this.End = "End";
            this.InnerRadius = "Inner radius";
            this.OuterRadius = "Outer radius";
            this.FirstVisibleIndex = "First visible index";
            this.LastVisibleIndex = "Last visible index";
            this.RenderingType = "Rendering type";
            this.SegmentCount = "Segment count";
            this.StartWidth = "Start width";
            this.EndWidth = "End width";
            this.TickType = "Tick type";
            this.QuitWizardDialogueTitle = "Quit data wizard";
            this.QuitWizardDialogueConfirmationMessage = "Are you sure you want to quit data source configuration ?";
            this.QuitWizardButton = "Quit wizard";
            this.CancelQuitWizardButton = "Cancel";
            this.SQLDataConnectionHeader = "Choose data connection";
            this.SQLExistingDataConnection = "Select from existing data connections";
            this.SQLNewDataConnection = "Build new data connections";
            this.SQLDataProvider = "Data Provider";
            this.SQLConnectionString = "Connection String";
            this.TestSqlConnection = "Test connection";
            this.ConnectionError = "Connection unsuccessful. Check the connection string and try again.";
            this.ConnectionSuccess = "Connection successful.";
            this.SQLDataSourceSaveConnectionHeader = "Data connection options";
            this.SQLDataSourceSharedConnection = "Use as shared connection";
            this.SQLDataSourceConnectionAlias = "Alias:";
            this.SqlDataSourceSaveConnectionPageNoCreatePermissions = "Can not save data connections on the server.";
            this.SqlDataSourceSaveConnectionPageNoEmbeddedConnections = "Embedded data connections are not supported.";
            this.SqlDataSourceSaveConnectionPageSaveOnServer = "The data connection will be saved on the server and will be available for all server reports.";
            this.SqlDataSourceSaveConnectionPageExist = "The data connection is shared and will not be saved.";
            this.SQLDataEmbeddedConnection = "Embedded in the report definition";
            this.SQLDataEmbeddedConnectionInfo = "The data connection will be available for the current report only.";
            this.SqlDataSourceSharedConnectionError = "Please specify a connection name.";
            this.SQLDataCommandHeader = "Configure data source command";
            this.SQLDataCommandSubHeader = "Specify a select statement or a stored procedure to retrieve data from the data source.";
            this.SQLDataCommandSelectStatement = "Select statement";
            this.SQLDataCommandStoredProcedure = "Stored procedure";
            this.SqlDataCommandSelectStatementValidation = "The select statement is not a valid query.";
            this.SqlDataCommandStoredProcedureValidation = "Please select a stored procedure.";
            this.SQLDataParametersHeader = "Configure data source parameters";
            this.SQLDataParametersSubHeader = "Specify a database type and a default value or an expression to evaluate for each data source parameter.";
            this.SQLDataParameterName = "Name";
            this.SQLDataParameterValue = "Value";
            this.SQLDataParameterDBType = "DBType";
            this.SQLDataParameterDelete = "Delete";
            this.SQLDataAddparameters = "Add parameter";
            this.SQLDataParameterValueBlank = "<Blank>";
            this.SQLDataParameterValueExpression = "<Expression>";
            this.SQLDataParameterValueNewParameter = "<New Report Parameter>";
            this.SQLDataParameterNameValidation = "The parameter is already in use.";
            this.SQLDataDesignerParametersHeader = "Configure design time parameters";
            this.SQLDataDesignerParametersSubHeader = "Specify an appropriate design time value for each data source parameter.";
            this.SQLDataPreviewHeader = "Preview";
            this.SQLDataPreviewSubHeader = "Preview the result set returned by this data source";
            this.SQLDataPreviewShowRows = "Show top";
            this.SQLDataPreviewRows = "rows";
            this.SQLDataPreviewQueryButton = "Execute Query...";
            this.SQLDataPreviewQuery = `Click '${this.SQLDataPreviewQueryButton} ' to preview the data source result...`;
            this.SQLDataPreviewError = "An error has occurred while previewing the results:";
            this.SqlDataSelectStoredProcedure = "Select stored procedure";
            this.SqlPreviewQueryNoDataMessage = "No data retrieved.";
            this.JsonDataSourceHeader = "Choose a JSON source";
            this.JsonUploadFile = "Upload JSON file";
            this.JsonUseExistingFile = "Use existing JSON file";
            this.JsonUseInline = "Use JSON inline";
            this.JsonEnterTextPlaceholder = "Enter JSON as text";
            this.JsonEditFileMessage = "You can edit this file in Step 2, if necessary.";
            this.JsonModifyDataSourceHeader = "Modify your JSON file";
            this.JsonEmbedInReportDefinition = "Embed JSON file in report definition";
            this.JsonInlineFileMessage = "You can make the selected file inline and modify its content.";
            this.CsvDataSourceHeader = "Choose a CSV source";
            this.CsvUploadFile = "Upload CSV file";
            this.CsvUseExistingFile = "Use existing CSV file";
            this.CsvUseInline = "Use CSV inline";
            this.CsvEnterTextPlaceholder = "Enter CSV as text";
            this.CsvEditFileMessage = "You can edit this file in Step 2, if necessary.";
            this.CsvDataSourceInlineCsvError = "Please enter valid CSV data.";
            this.CsvConfigureSeparatorsHeader = "Configure CSV Data Source - Separators";
            this.CsvFieldColumnSeparators = "Field (column) separators";
            this.CsvRecordRowSeparators = "Record (row) separators";
            this.CsvHeader = "CSV header";
            this.CsvHasHeaderRow = "This CSV has header row";
            this.CsvConsecutiveFieldSeparators = "Treat consecutive field separators as one";
            this.CsvConsecutiveRecordSeparators = "Treat consecutive record separators as one";
            this.CsvDataSourceMissingSeparatorError = "Please select a separator.";
            this.CsvConfigureEscapeFormatHeader = "Configure CSV Data Source - Escape Format";
            this.CsvEscapeFormat = "Escape Format";
            this.CsvQuoteSymbol = "Quote symbol";
            this.CsvQuoteSymbolMessage = "Applicable only for Quotes / Quotes Mixed escape formats";
            this.CsvCommentSymbol = "Comment symbol (usually #)";
            this.CsvSymbolPlaceholder = "Type symbol...";
            this.CsvDataSourceMapColumnTypesHeader = "Map Columns to Type";
            this.CsvDataSourceAvailableColumns = "Available columns";
            this.CsvDataSourceFieldsTypeConversion = "CSV fields type conversion";
            this.CsvDataSourceDecimalSeparator = "Decimal separator";
            this.CsvDataSourceThousandSeparator = "Thousand separator";
            this.CsvDataSourceDateFormat = "Date format";
            this.CsvDataSourceResetColumns = "Reset columns";
            this.CsvDataSourceColumnNameCannotBeEmpty = "Column name cannot be empty";
            this.CsvModifyDataSourceHeader = "Modify your CSV file";
            this.CsvEmbedInReportDefinition = "Embed CSV file in report definition";
            this.CsvInlineFileMessage = "You can make the selected file inline and modify its content.";
            this.CsvInlineFileButton = "Inline in report";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceHeader = "Configure Data Retrieval";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceSettings = "Web Service settings";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceUploadFile = "Upload a JSON file to use it as hard-coded data while designing the report";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceUseInline = "Use JSON inline as hard-coded data while designing the report";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceEnterTextPlaceholder = "Enter data as text";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceServiceUrlPlaceholder = "Service URL...";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceRequestBodyPlaceholder = "Request Body";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceNoAuthentication = "No authentication";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceRequestEncoding = "Response encoding";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceParametersHeader = "Configure request parameters";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceParametersSubHeader = "Specify name, type, default value or expression, and design time value for data source parameters.";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceParameterName = "Name";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceParameterType = "Type";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceParameterValue = "Value";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceParameterDesignValue = "Design-Time Value";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceParameterDelete = "Delete";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceAddParameter = "Add parameter";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceParameterValueBlank = "<Blank>";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceParameterValueExpression = "<Expression>";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceParameterValueNewParameter = "<New Report Parameter>";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceParameterNameValidation = "The parameter is already in use.";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceAuthenticationParametersHeader = "Configure authentication parameters";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceBasicAuthenticationHeader = "Configure Basic Authentication";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceTwoStepAuthenticationHeader = "Configure 2-step authentication";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceUsernamePassword = "Username & password";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceLoginSettings = "Login settings";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceAuthenticationUsernamePlaceholder = "username";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceAuthenticationPasswordPlaceholder = "password";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceAuthenticationLoginUrlPlaceholder = "Login URL...";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceAuthenticationLogoutUrlPlaceholder = "Logout URL...";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceAuthenticationTokenPath = "Token path";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceAuthenticationTokenPathPlaceholder = "Type path...";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceAuthenticationResponseType = "Response type";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceLogoutSettings = "Logout settings (optional)";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceDesignTimeDataHeader = "Choose design-time data";
            this.WebServiceDataSourceUseRealData = "Use real data while designing the report";
            this.PreviewResultsHeader = "Preview data source results";
            this.PreviewWaitingMessage = "Please wait while the data is being fetched...";
            this.DataSourceExternalFileError = "Please select a valid file.";
            this.DataSourceExistingFileError = "File already exists. Please choose a different file name.";
            this.DataSourceInvalidJsonData = "Please enter valid JSON data.";
            this.DataSourceDataSelector = "Data selector";
            this.DataSourceDataSelectorPlaceholder = "Type...";
            this.DataSourcePreviewTotalRows = "Total rows";
            this.ObjectDataSourceChooseBusinessObject = "Choose a business object";
            this.ObjectDataSourceChooseBusinessObjectDescription = "The selected business object type's assembly-qualified name will be stored in the data source component's DataSource property.";
            this.ObjectDataSourceShowDataObjectsOnly = "Show data objects only";
            this.ObjectDataSourceSelectedObjectLabel = "Selected business object:";
            this.ObjectDataSourceNoTypeModelMessage = "No business object types have been found on the server. Only types from assemblies that are declared in the application configuration file are allowed.";
            this.ObjectDataSourceChooseDataMember = "Choose a data member";
            this.ObjectDataSourceChooseDataMemberDescription = "The business object instance will be created using its default constructor. You have the option to specify a different constructor or a data member (method or property) that will return the data.";
            this.ObjectDataSourceUseDefaultCtor = "Use the default constructor";
            this.ObjectDataSourceUseDataMember = "Choose from list...";
            this.ObjectDataSourceSelectedMemberLabel = "Selected data member:";
            this.ObjectDataSourceSelectedDataMemberPlaceholder = "Default constructor";
            this.ObjectDataSourceConfigureParameters = "Configure data source parameters";
            this.ObjectDataSourceConfigureParametersDescription = "Specify default value or expression and design-time value for data source parameters.";
            this.ObjectDataSourceParameterName = "Name";
            this.ObjectDataSourceParameterType = "Type";
            this.ObjectDataSourceParameterValue = "Value";
            this.ObjectDataSourceParameterDesignValue = "Design-Time Value";
            this.ObjectDataSourceParameterLabel = "Parameters";
            this.ObjectDataSourcePreviewResultsDescription = "During data preview the business object will be called using the configured design-time parameter values. The returned data is limited to 100 rows for preview purposes.";
            this.ObjectDataSourcePreviewError = "An error occurred while fetching preview data from the service. Make sure the configured business object is accessible and is returning data.";
            this.ObjectDataSourcePreviewNoData = "No results for this business object configuration.";
            this.TableWizardHeader = "Configure Table";
            this.CrosstabWizardHeader = "Configure Crosstab";
            this.CrosstabDataCategory = "Data";
            this.CrosstabFieldsCategory = "Fields Arrangement";
            this.CrosstabAppearanceCategory = "Appearance";
            this.Total = "Total";
            this.DataSourceTitle = "Data Source";
            this.NoDataSourceTitle = "No Data Source";
            this.DataSourceFieldsTitle = "Data Source Fields";
            this.ColumnGroupsTitle = "Column Groups";
            this.RowGroupsTitle = "Row Groups";
            this.DetailValuesTitle = "Detail Values";
            this.LayoutTitle = "Layout";
            this.DragAndDropPlaceholder = "Drag and drop data source fields";
            this.AddToFields = "Add to";
            this.MoveUp = "Move Up";
            this.MoveDown = "Move Down";
            this.Function = "Function";
            this.RadialGaugeWizardHeader = "Configure Radial Gauge";
            this.LinearGaugeWizardHeader = "Configure Linear Gauge";
            this.GaugeWizardAppearanceCategory = "Appearance";
            this.GaugeWizardPresentationCategory = "Presentation";
            this.GaugeWizardRangesCategory = "Ranges";
            this.RadialGaugeTypeTitle = "Radial gauge type";
            this.LinearGaugeTypeTitle = "Linear gauge type";
            this.GaugeValueTitle = "Value";
            this.GaugeRangesCountTitle = "Ranges count";
            this.GaugeMinRangeTitle = "Value minimum";
            this.GaugeMaxRangeTitle = "Value maximum";
            this.GaugeSyncRangesTitle = "Sync ranges";
            this.GaugeRangeTitle = "Range";
            this.GaugeMajorTicksSegmentCountTitle = "Major segments count";
            this.GaugeMinorTicksSegmentCountTitle = "Minor segments count";
            this.GaugeNeedleThicknessTitle = "Needle thickness";
            this.GaugeScaleStartTitle = "Scale start";
            this.GaugeScaleEndTitle = "Scale end";
            this.GaugeIndicatorThicknessTitle = "Indicator thickness";
            this.GaugeIndicatorTypeTitle = "Indicator type";
            this.SingleRangeRadialGauge = "Single-range";
            this.MultiRangeRadialGauge = "Multi-range";
            this.HorizontalSingleRangeLinearGauge = "Horizontal single-range";
            this.HorizontalMultiRangeLinearGauge = "Horizontal multi-range";
            this.VerticalSingleRangeLinearGauge = "Vertical single-range";
            this.VerticalMultiRangeLinearGauge = "Vertical multi-range";
            this.BarChart = "Bar";
            this.LineChart = "Line";
            this.PieChart = "Pie";
            this.AreaChart = "Area";
            this.ColumnChart = "Column";
            this.GraphWizardHeader = "Configure Graph";
            this.GraphDataCategory = "Data";
            this.GraphFieldsCategory = "Fields Arrangement";
            this.CategoriesTitle = "Categories";
            this.SeriesTitle = "Series";
            this.ValuesTitle = "Values";
            this.GraphTypeTitle = "chart type";
            this.SetDefaultTooltips = "Set default tooltips";
            this.BarGraphWizardHeader = "Configure Bar Chart";
            this.LineGraphWizardHeader = "Configure Line Chart";
            this.PieGraphWizardHeader = "Configure Pie Chart";
            this.AreaGraphWizardHeader = "Configure Area Chart";
            this.ColumnGraphWizardHeader = "Configure Column Chart";
            this.ClusteredBarGraph = "Clustered Bar";
            this.StackedBarGraph = "Stacked Bar";
            this.Stacked100BarGraph = "100% Stacked Bar";
            this.ClusteredColumnGraph = "Clustered Column";
            this.StackedColumnGraph = "Stacked Column";
            this.Stacked100ColumnGraph = "100% Stacked Column";
            this.ClusteredAreaGraph = "Area";
            this.StackedAreaGraph = "Stacked Area";
            this.Stacked100AreaGraph = "100% Stacked Area";
            this.LineGraph = "Line";
            this.StackedLineGraph = "Stacked Line";
            this.Stacked100LineGraph = "100% Stacked Line";
            this.WithMarkersLineGraph = "Line with Markers";
            this.StackedWithMarkersLineGraph = "Stacked Line with Markers";
            this.Stacked100WithMarkersLineGraph = "100% Stacked Line with Markers";
            this.PieGraph = "Pie";
            this.DoughnutGraph = "Doughnut";
            this.InsertColumn = "Insert Column";
            this.InsertColumnInsideGroupLeft = "Inside Group - Left";
            this.InsertColumnInsideGroupRight = "Inside Group - Right";
            this.InsertColumnOutsideGroupLeft = "Outside Group - Left";
            this.InsertColumnOutsideGroupRight = "Outside Group - Right";
            this.InsertColumnLeft = "Left";
            this.InsertColumnRight = "Right";
            this.InsertRow = "Insert Row";
            this.InsertRowInsideGroupAbove = "Inside Group - Above";
            this.InsertRowInsideGroupBelow = "Inside Group - Below";
            this.InsertRowOutsideGroupAbove = "Outside Group - Above";
            this.InsertRowOutsideGroupBelow = "Outside Group - Below";
            this.InsertRowAbove = "Above";
            this.InsertRowBelow = "Below";
            this.DeleteColumns = "Delete Columns";
            this.DeleteRows = "Delete Rows";
            this.MergeCells = "Merge Cells";
            this.SplitCells = "Split Cells";
            this.RotateLayout = "Rotate Layout";
            this.GroupBy = "Group by";
            this.ShowDetailData = "Show detail data";
            this.AddHeader = "Add Header";
            this.AddFooter = "Add Footer";
            this.AddGroup = "Add Group";
            this.AddGroupColumnGroup = "Column Group";
            this.AddGroupParentGroup = "Parent Group";
            this.AddGroupChildGroup = "Child Group";
            this.AddGroupAdjacentLeft = "Adjacent Left";
            this.AddGroupAdjacentRight = "Adjacent Right";
            this.AddGroupRowGroup = "Row Group";
            this.AddGroupAdjacentAbove = "Adjacent Above";
            this.AddGroupAdjacentBelow = "Adjacent Below";
            this.ColumnGroup = "Column Group";
            this.ColumnGroupDeleteGroupOnly = "Delete Group Only";
            this.ColumnGroupDeleteGroupAndColumns = "Delete Group and Related Columns";
            this.RowGroup = "Row Group";
            this.RowGroupDeleteGroupOnly = "Delete Group Only";
            this.RowGroupDeleteGroupAndRows = "Delete Group and Related Rows";
            this.AddTotal = "Add Total";
            this.AddTotalBefore = "Before";
            this.AddTotalAfter = "After";
            this.AddTotalRow = "Row";
            this.AddTotalColumn = "Column";
            this.AddTotalRowFull = "Add Total Row";
            this.AddTotalColumnFull = "Add Total Column";
            this.ForReports = "for report to use as content...";
            this.ForTOC = "for report to use as TOC (if needed)...";
            this.ForReportsOnRS = "Use the ReportSources property editor to add one or more report sources.";
            this.ForTocOnRS = "Use the TOCReportSource property editor to add a report source to be used as TOC.";
            this.ToChangeTheOrder = "To change the order drag&drop a report.";
            this.XmlIsNotValid = "XmlReportSource.Xml is not a valid report XML.";
            this.InvalidXmlReportSource = "Invalid XmlReportSource.Xml.";
            this.XmlIsRequired = "Xml is required.";
            this.UriIsRequired = "Uri is required.";
            this.UnsupportedReportSource = "Unsupported report source type.";
            this.CouldNotRetrieveExpressionSchema = "Could not retrieve expression schema.";
            this.TheTargetIsAlreadyAdded = "This target already exists in the list.";
            this.SelectComponentToCreateTheNewItem = "Please select a parent component for the new item.";
            this.CouldNotDeserializeDesignTimeParameters = "Could not deserialize design-time parameter values.";
            this.CannotAddItemIntoParent = "Cannot add new item of type {newItemType} into parent of type {parentType}. Please select another component to host the new item.";
            this.ComponentDoesNotSupportStyleModification = "{componentType} does not support copy / paste / reset style";
            this.ErrorOpeningTheFile = "An error occurred when trying to open the file";
            this.FileTooLargeToUpload = "The file '{filename}' is too large to upload.";
            this.GenericError = "An error has occurred";
            this.ActionDisabledInDemoMode = "The action '{action}' is disabled in the demo application.";
            this.CannotCreateReportWithEmptyName = "Cannot create a report with an empty or whitespace name.";
            this.CannotOverwriteReportHasUnsavedChanges = `'{documentId}' has unsaved changes. Please save all changes before overwriting the report.`;
            this.CannotCloseDocumentHasUnsavedChanges = `'{documentId}' has unsaved changes. Please save all changes before closing the document.`;
            this.ClosingWillResultInLoss = `'{documentId}' has unsaved changes. Closing will result in loosing all changes.`;
            this.CouldNotCreateNew = "Could not create new {type}.";
            this.CouldNotRetrieveSdsRef = "Unable to retrieve the referenced Shared Data Source for '{sdsName}'.";
            this.FollowingItemsFromSelectionCouldNotBeDeleted = "The following items from the selection could not be deleted: {itemList}";
            this.WarnDownloadHasUnsavedChanges = "There are unsaved changes for the documents you are downloading.";
            this.CouldNotRetrieveBindingPaths = "Could not get bindings available paths.";
            this.ErrorCode_400_ResourceAlreadyExists = "ErrorCode_400_ResourceAlreadyExists";
            this.ErrorCode_404_ResourceNotFound = "ErrorCode_404_ResourceNotFound";
            this.ErrorCode_400_TargetIsSameAsDestination = "ErrorCode_400_TargetIsSameAsDestination";
            this.ErrorCode_400_InvalidResourceName = "ErrorCode_400_InvalidResourceName";
            this.ErrorCode_400_ResourceFolderAlreadyExists = "ErrorCode_400_ResourceFolderAlreadyExists";
            this.ErrorCode_400_ResourceFolderNotFound = "ErrorCode_400_ResourceFolderNotFound";
            this.ErrorCode_400_CannotMoveResourceFolderInsideItself = "ErrorCode_400_CannotMoveResourceFolderInsideItself";
            this.RefineYourSearch = "Refine your search for more relevant results";
            this.GlobalSearchPlaceholder = "Search properties, components and report elements";
            this.NoResultsFound = "No results found";
            this.ConfirmDeleteOperation = "Please confirm deletion of '{resourceName}'.";
            this.ConfirmMultipleDeleteOperation = "Please confirm deletion of {numberOfFiles} assets.";
            this.ConfirmSharedDataSourceFileDeleteOperationPrefix = `Deleting a ${this.SharedDataSource} might break the reports referencing it.`;
            this.ConfirmRenameOperation = "Please confirm renaming of '{resourceName}' to '{resourceNewName}'.";
            this.ConfirmSharedDataSourceFileRenameOperationPrefix = `Renaming a ${this.SharedDataSource} might break the reports referencing it.`;
            this.ConfirmRenameToNoneReportExtension = "Changing the extension of a report-type asset will prevent showing it in the Reports folder further. Please confirm changing the file extension to '{fileExtension}'.";
            this.ConfirmOverwriteExistingDocument = "A document with this name exists? Would you like to overwrite it?";
            this.OnboardingExperienceErrorTitle = "Onboarding Guide";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepTitle0 = "Welcome!";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepTitle1 = "Design surface";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepTitle2 = "Components";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepTitle3 = "Explorer";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepTitle4 = "Properties area";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepTitle5 = "Main menu";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepTitle6 = "Assets Manager";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepTitle7 = "Report preview";
            this.OnboardingExperienceFinalStepTitle = "Start onboarding again";
            this.OnboardingExperienceErrorContent = "The Onboarding Guide cannot start because no report is loaded. It will start when the Web Report Designer loads a report.";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepContent0 = "This is the Onboarding Guide. The guide will walk you through the main tools used in the Web Report Designer.";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepContent1 = "The Design surface visually represents the report layout and provides tools for selecting, moving, resizing, and editing the report items.";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepContent2 = "This panel contains the report items you can add to the report. They are organized into groups based on their purpose.";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepContent3 = "This is a tree representation of the report structure. Use it to select and configure all the report items, both visual and non-visual.";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepContent4 = "This panel displays the properties of the currently selected report item with their current values. Use it to change and reset those values.";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepContent5 = "Use the Main menu to create, open, and save reports.";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepContent6 = "The Assets Manager tool allows you to upload and organize various resources on the server that can be reused in different reports.";
            this.OnboardingExperienceStepContent7 = "The Preview button generates a report document showing the result of the designed report.";
            this.OnboardingExperienceFinalStepContent = "The Search box makes every report item, property, and tool easily discoverable. To review these onboarding tips later, type \"Start onboarding\" and press Enter.";
            this.OnboardingExperienceReportServerMenuStepContent = "Use the Main menu to save and publish reports.";
            this.OnboardingExperienceNextButton = "Next";
            this.OnboardingExperienceEndTourButton = "End Tour";
            this.OnboardingExperienceNoDesignSurfaceButton = "OK!";
            this.OnboardingExperienceFinishButton = "Got it!";
            this.CreateComponentPermissionError = `You don't have permission to create component of type '{componentType}'.`;
            this.OpenDocumentPermissionError = "You don't have permission to open a document.";
            this.OpenSharedDataSourcePermissionError = "You don't have permission to open a shared data source.";
            this.AddExistingSDSPermissionError = "You don't have permission to add existing shared data source.";
            this.AssetManagerFolderPermissionError = `You don't have permission to access '{folderName}' folder.`;
            this.OverwriteDocumentPermissionError = "You don't have permission to overwrite an existing document.";
            this.CreateDocumentPermissionError = "You don't have permission to create a report.";
            this.CreateDocumentCombinedPermissionError = "You don't have permission to create a combined report.";
            this.CreateSDSPermissionError = "You don't have permission to create a shared data source.";
            this.CollectionEditorDropDownEditorNoData = `No data found. Do you want to add {newItemValue} as new item?`;
            this.CollectionEditorDropDownEditorNoDataAddNew = `Add new item`;
            this.SwissQRBarcodeWithValueFromBillData = "<<Calculated from bill data>>";
  2. Reference the file containing the strings. On the page containing the Web Report Designer and its initialization script, add in the following snippet of JavaScript to load in the strings.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    import("/Scripts/WebReportDesignerStringsBase-").then((result) => {
        window.telerikWebDesignerResources = new result.WebReportDesignerStringsBase();

    Make sure to update the string-path passed as a parameter for the import function to correctly resolve the file from the previous step.

    The localization file must be loaded on the page after jQuery and Web Report Designer scripts have been loaded.

  3. Translate the strings.

The Web Report Designer is in active development and new strings might be added in new releases. The JavaScript code snippet in Step 1 above is updated on each release.

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